Maximus 12lxe + stonehenge measurements

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    Below is the first decent measurements of a single max12 lxe and two stonehenge subs with si18's powered by an inuke3000dsp. The max12 lxe is running off of a onkyo tx-nr737. The room has next to no room treatments only 6 inches of roxul safe and sound at the first reflection points, it's square with a short 6ft hallway at one side. 20' wide, 22' long, 7.5' ceilings. Mic was placed in center seating position, 11ft from the screen, so probably like 15 ft from the max12. The sub is crossed at 60hz just to point out that the null between 40-80hz is a room / placement issue that I'm still working on. 1/48 smoothing. Using a Dayton UMM-6 Calibrated by csacoustics

    As you can see from the below graph, these things are stupid efficient, and god damn do they dig deep. This is with that mid range avr, -20db registered pink noise at 76db on my spl meter. These are the measurements for just ONE max12 lxe, one at 0db and the other at -20db. Also a thing of importance is how they sound identical at all volumes (seriously I didn't save the sweep, but I did one at a much quieter -35db).

    Even with just treating the first reflection points, these things are something very very special. It's been a long time since I've had a genuine wtf reaction listening to a set of speakers. Kudos to Erich and Jeff for such an amazing kit. All of it, the lows, mids, and that compression driver are just so perfect. I can't wait to finish the room treatments and lots of bass traps.

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