Media Console with LCR speakers built in

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  1. Some background info: I am currently using some infinity Primus P363 towers for my L/R, with a PC351 for my center channel. My rears are mounted to the ceiling about 3 to 4ft behind where we sit (normal 8ft ceailings) They are some small Boston Acoustic cube speakers as I had to have something up there that could hide behind a faux beam that separates the living room from dining room. Then I have two 10" powered Sony Sub-woofers, 100W each I think.

    This setup is totally fine for us, it sounds good, plays plenty loud. And have never had the pleasure to listen to a really good home theater setup to know what i may be missing, and I think that's a good thing! The problem is the looks, Nice big tv hung on the wall, a cabinet below it (leftover Ikea) and then the two towers, two subs off to each side, and the center channel is on the cabinet. They are all decent looking speakers, nothing to write home about though, just black, with black grilles. But that's 5 individual black boxes sitting up there and I just think it looks bad when this isn't in a dedicated theater room...we would like to go with something more attractive and still sound 'good enough'.

    I am a pretty decent woodworker, and I want to build a media console for this room. I would love to build in the speakers, Left/right/center. Now, I know for ideal listening towers are good because they're up higher and closer to the level of your ear, and the top of my cabinet won't be very high...24 or 30" tops. The whole thing might be about 6 or 7ft wide though to help spread out the L/R channels. Would the HTM6's be a good choice for the L/R with the overnight sensation MTM as the center (i picked this because of the horizontal layout) or possibly another HTM6 for a center which will put the components on either side, but I think I can make that work fine.

    I recently just built some One Pi speakers for a vintage record player, and this week I'm going to bring them into the living room to replace our towers to get a sense of how the sound changes when the speaker is much closer to the ground than the towers. This might provide the best real world experience I can get for now, but I have no idea how the Pi speakers compare to the HTM series of speakers other than I know they use a horn and the Pi has a more traditional tweeter.

    What I'm after is something that looks much cleaner and makes people say wow, while still providing decent enough 2.1 stereo listening and a solid 5.2 or 5.1 theater experience. (might remove one of the subs, i got it on sale and 2 is probably overkill in this room).

    I know that was a lot of info but I appreciate any insight you all are willing to give. I will also try to post this on some other forums too, I thought I'd start here though since this is where the big threads on the HTM series are.


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