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  1. I've been playing more with the one MiniDSP I have, and think I'd like to have another couple of them, for rear channels and center channel. It is really nice as both a crossover and a parametric EQ.

    With the sensitivity of SEOS horns and a compression driver, and the sound quality of the little T-Amps which will drive a SEOS with gobs of spare dynamic range, MiniDSP is a great way to go for a crossover. Priced copper inductors lately? The only down side would be for those who are using receivers or integrated amplifiers that don't provide preamp out/in, and with receiver prices coming down, it might still be worth changing over to one that does have pre-outs.

    I'm working on additions to OmniMic to determine filter parameters for MiniDSP and export values to it as a file.

    Is anyone in US interested in pooling some orders to save a little on shipping and get the quantity discount?
  2. bwaslo,

    What T-amps are you refering to? Any specific models? Even though I think Audyssey is a good room EQ program there is nothing like having a human being look over an FR graph to decide what would be best for a solution. Fuzzy logic can only go so far.

  3. I'm using a Dayton DTA100a right now, because I got some at MWAF (defect units, some minor repairs needed) didn't have to make a case for it and it had a volume control on it. Way more power than I need when driving just the waveguide. I also have some 200Watt ICEPower amps and Ucd amplifiers, but those would be insane for driving something that sensitive covering just the highs.

    If you don't mind making a box, or are making an all-in-one powered setup and want to put a T-Amp on woofers, too, the Sure amplifiers (they have a 2x100 and a 4x100 model) worked nicely when I tried them. Or they have some with lower power, already packaged. You really only need about 10W/8ohms.

    If you're using a MiniDSP as crossover and adjusting response via measurements, you don't have to worry about how the driver impedance affects the amplifier (which is normally a disadvantage of Class-T, it's output impedance is kind of high at high frequencies) since you'll be adjusting the total anyway.
  4. I would be interested in a MiniDSP in a group buy.
  5. MJ- we should hold off a bit, there may be another way to go about this (got some inside info I can't spill yet). Will still collect names of interested folks, in case the group buy is still the way to do it.

  6. That sounds good.

    Thanks for the info Bill.
  7. LOL Bill

    I was just going to order a minidsp soon too...

    Hopefully you can spill "some" amount of beans soon :)

  8. Ok, I'm told I can post this - it seems that the MiniDSP units will be carried by Parts Express, so that should cut shipping costs. Don't know what kind of pricing they'll have, but if done similarly to the pricing they've done on small class-t amps, it should be comparable to the direct pricing from MiniDSP.

    So probably not much need for a group buy now.
  9. Glad to see miniDSP getting US distribution.

    I also hope that PE doesn't get the first shipment of 8x8's in-a-box, because that will delay me getting my hands on one! :)
  10. Bill, curious if you can you hear any difference in midrange/highs sound quality between the ICE, ucd, and T amps?
  11. The ICE sounds a little sharper (a little etched, maybe) but that can be seen in its measured response, too. (Not sure whether I actually hear it or just think I do having seen the few-tenths of a dB wiggle). I don't really know whether I have the ICE or the Ucd in my system right now (they are in identical enclosures) so maybe I can't really hear it?

    The T-Amp sounds a bit lush, which might be from nonlinearity or it might be from frequency response (T-Amps take feedback before the output choke, so their high frequency response is affected some by the speaker's impedance). I'm using the T-Amp on the tweeter, just because of its power rating (50W vs about 200W for the ICE or Ucd that I use on the bass/mid).

    I actually like all three amps a lot, but probably the Ucd the best (maybe because of its' very high build quality).
  12. Hi Bill,

    Are you using a linear supply or smps on you ucd modules? I'm seriously considering a 3-channel ucd180hg HxR with hypex supply hg-mono for each module.
  13. I've got SMPS supplies from Hypex for them (they are made as mono amplifiers, each with its own SMPS supply)
  14. Thanks, Bill (I keep forgetting about this forum; now in my bookmark tabs)
  15. This is exactly why I bought a minidsp. I still build passives. But man, they're expensive to buy inductors. It's also why I've been favouring 4ohm woofers. The minidsp is a great tool. My only complaint is it makes DIY to easy ;)
  16. Yup, and the little 4 channel Sure amps (plus the switching supply PE has for them) sweetens the deal all the more. I think the reign of all-passive speakers is nearing an end.
  17. Anyone else order an 10x10HD yet? (Or, like me, an 8x8 board along with the box, because the digital I/O in the 10x10HD isn't useful for actively crossing over LCR speakers, and the holes for it give a space to route wires for the 12V trigger.)

    Bill, your last comment also set my mind working in evil ways....I wonder if the space in the miniDSP box taken up by the digital I/O in the 10x10HD is enough to fit the 6-channel PE amp board.

    Getting complete processing and power for three LCR speakers (along with EQ for two subs) in a space of just 1RU (plus amp PS) would be very, very nice...
  18. Any news or speculation for the arrival of minidsp to PE? Sure would be nice for MWAF...
  19. I think they said sometime in July, so probably not in time for MWAF. I'll have an auto-EQ feature in OmniMic about the same time.
  20. I just range up a BOM on a speaker and nearly fell out of my chair. Even on budget designs active is almost MORE affordable :eek:

    I'm glad I don't have to buy to many passive parts. And if I did, I always have a minidsp to fall back on ;D
  21. Yup, particularly if you use the Sure multichannel amps. And if you use a crossover with lots of shaping (like my fussy designs tend to :) ), the active can take a lead fast. Provided you have preamp outputs to drive it all with, of course.
  22. Here's another line of inexpensive Class D amps that have been garnering a lot of interest including several very long threads.
    I'm on the verge on ordering one of their offerings although I don't really need 100W+/ch. however I suspect that it would be very good at controlling TD15M's with power to spare for DSP. They recently came out with a 30w/ch mini amp but that might be lacking in the power I need.
  23. Re: MiniDSP PE when?

    any update info about when PE will have the Minidsp's?
  24. Bill,
    Have you ironed the auto eq feature out for Omni Mic? Just curious..
  25. Yeah, its been in since July! v4 has it.

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