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1899 build information

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  1. Hello to everyone on this site. It is really amazing the community of people who are building their own speakers. I love diy soundgroup. So far I have built 2 volt 10s and two htm 12s. I absolutely love the way they sound. Fantastic in everyway. So now I am on to my lcr. I am intrigued as everyone else is by the 1899s for their massive size and the shock that goes along with them. Obviously unless u r putting these in an auditorium they are overkill, so that is certainly understood from the get go. It doesn't matter, I really want to build these speakers for lcr. So here is my question. The build of these speakers seems to be a bit more involved, with having to build the enclosure while the baffle can be bought. So I was curious what schematic or information is available to look at as far as the build is concerned before they are actually bought, so I can decide if it is something I can handle. Is it simple cuts on a table saw and a jig saw, or are the cuts extremely difficult for a novice woodworking skills person like myself. I would hate to spend 3 grand and then realize I cant build them, because its beyond my skills or beyond the tools I have. Can anyone offer any insight into the complexity of the build?

    Does the kit come with specific drawings/ schematic with exact measurements for the mdf to be cut at etc...? I am pretty handy, have a small shop with table saw, drill press etc... and all other tools needed, but I wish I had a better idea of what to expect from the build. I am totally up for a challenge, but I want to make sure its realistic to build these with little experience building them before.

    Can anyone offer some insight, experience, etc... on this speaker build?

    Thanks in advance!!!!!

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