Most Speaker Kits - Temporarily Out of Stock

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Erich H, Apr 18, 2021.

  1. I did see where the HTM-12 kit is in stock. That`s about it though.
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  2. Awesome thanks. Thats a start hopefully we can see some 1099 soon im hoping to get a set of those and maybe some volts for surround.
  3. From the OP, it really seemed like subwoofer flatpacks would be available by now. Has anyone heard anything about when that is going to happen? Maybe it's all still dependent on finding someone to help with packing and shipping?
  4. The shop is looking great! Did the Vortex 15 sell out already?
  5. The site is showing the Pre Order for the 1099's available now so i just ordered my L R C. figured i would let everyone here know that is up
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  6. Same here I check his site every morning, and I put in the pre-order for 3 1099s as soon as I see them. So excited

    For others who are still on the fence, just do it, you won't regret, and it's so much better to pay for the majority of the cost now, and pay the rest when you finalize the order later.
  7. Did the pre-order for the 1099’s already sell out? I just looked and they say out of stock.
  8. Also wondering if the premade crossovers are a thing of the past. I haven't seen any of those for sale for several months. Is Erich still planning on selling these for the HTs?
  9. Erich, I know it's based on your inventory and ability to get the parts in, but if your willing to get more 1099 components and open up the preorder again... I'd be "willing" to do 3!
  10. What parts are missing for the HTM-12 kits? I missed them when they were in stock and I'm hoping they come back soon so I can order 3 of them.
  11. I missed the opportunity to place the order on time for a pair of Vortex15 kit. Did anyone purchase an extra pair that they are willing to sell?
  12. Anyone see the HT-8s or the HT-10s available yet? I check often, but doesn't mean they can't go quicker than I can check
  13. I've been checking frequently and haven't seen them. Hopefully we see them in stock soon.
  14. Has anyone heard any news from Erich? I check the site 2 or 3 times a day hoping for a change. Keeping my fingers crossed :D
  15. Nope :(
    Been sending messages through the contact form that are unanswered (yes Ive checked spam). Really really want an Apollo 7 MTM kit as its the only diy kit that really fits my needs.
  16. I really had my heart set on a diy 7.(1).4 setup but I may have to buy if I can't build soon. :(
  17. I just discovered all this DIY speaker and amp stuff and now everything is out of stock. I was looking to purchase JTR speakers and Cherry Amps, but figure i would DIY. I hope things recover!
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  18. I`m in a similar boat. I`ve been waiting on Volt`s to come in stock and just ended up snagging four off of the AVS classifieds. I was also itching to build the 12" Vortex for my LCR, but finally pulled the trigger on three JTR 212HP-LP, also from the AVS classifieds. I went with the Crown cinema amps for pretty much everything and have been very happy. The DCI 1250, 600, and 300 models. I`m hoping that the supply lines open up soon. On a brighter note, I haven't had an issue getting multiple Eminence 21" drivers for the bottom end of things.
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  19. @Erich H any updates on what might be coming in stock? also how is the warehouse and hiring new help going?
  20. just dinged at me and I got excited thinking there was stock... HT10s are gone. Hopefully that was an error and not permanent.
  21. Does anyone know of another place to order crossover parts besides Parts Express they are showing out of stock of the
    Dayton Audio 3.5mH 18 AWG I Core Inductor Crossover Coil
    Dayton Audio DMPC-4.0 4.0uF 250V Polypropylene Capacitor
    If anyone knows a alternative for these parts it would be appreciated, if not i will just place the order and get the parts whenever they are available

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  23. is there a way to put a pre order in for the ht-8s? i check every day often. it would be nice just to have it ordered and i know it would eventually get here.
  24. That’s too bad to hear about the HT-10s, that’s actually the ones I was planning on getting. I’m sure the 8s would do fine for surrounds. I considered using the 12s, but I plan on putting them in columns and that may get to be a bit too wide. Although I’ve got the 818 Titans, so I’ve already gone the excessive route ;)

    Looks like the 12 kit is in stock, but it appears the quantity available is one. I’d need 6…

    I second that it would be nice to do a preorder.
  25. It took me about a week to build three 1099 speakers. Thank you so much @Erich H

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