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Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Erich H, Apr 18, 2021.

  1. Would it be possible to purchase the Titan high frequency 2 way assembly (Waveguide and speakers) to use as a surround speaker?
  2. From the product page the woofer-mid xo frequency is 350 Hz which isn't really low enough even for surrounds.
  3. Well I asked if we could use a smaller woofer like an 8" or 10" for a surround, but I need the wave guide and woofers. Specifically the waveguide since it's not available anywhere. If the crossover parts are not available I can most likely use a minidsp to test it out.
  4. can we please get some kind of general status update on inventory? i am on the fence as to whether to just abandon my woofer project that i hoped to use the Kuda 15" cabs in.
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  5. I also wanted to check-in. Would it be possible for the site to have in-stock notification capabilities so I can just get an email when things are available?

    I built my LCR's and I've been looking to make my new surrounds and front upfiring atmos speakers for the last 12-18 months. I try to check periodically but I am sure I've missed out.
    I want a pair of volt 10 atmos kits and a pair of volt 6 angle kits (I wish you offered a volt 8 angle pack)
  6. Any ETA's on availability? No worries, just been quite a few months since the last update.
  7. I've been putting a decent number of kits in stock as parts come in but they don't seem to last very long.

    Overnight Sensations are in stock.
    S2000 MTM's are in stock
    S2000 MT's were in stock until a few days ago but they'll be back up Monday.
    Helix, Apollo should be back in stock in about 2 weeks once the flat packs finally get here.
    Quarks are still up.
    A couple HTM-12's still in stock.
    Some HT-12's are in stock.
    Volt-6 and Volt-8's in stock.

    1099's are waiting for ports.
    Titans are waiting for 18" woofers
    HT-8's are waiting for compression drivers.

    Vortex-12's will be back up on the site January 01.

  8. Do we have any ideas on the volt-6 angle packs or volt-10's (and respective flat packs)?
  9. Erich, are there plans to do another run of Magnum 12 woofers?
  10. just in case you did not see them, volt 6 parts are on clearance (no angle flat pack). I bought a second pair worried they may never come back (I already have a pair for sides and need another pair for rears) I plan to make my own cabinets, more work but may be only option right now.

    edit: theres also a note on these that a port is not included. ill probably just source a round port vs the oval.
  11. I bought 4 of them just before Christmas. Not sure what I will do with them but I at least have them!
  12. Just noticed the Helix and Vortex kits have been restocked….
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  13. I love it. I ordered a total of six of the Vortex-12 kits today!
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  14. I second the request for another run of magnum 12 woofers.
  15. Hi,
    I have been waiting in hope for these to come back into stock only to miss them while over seas.

    I wondering if they maybe in stock again within the next 6 months? Could anyone provide some recommends or help please?


    3 x Aggressive 1299
    4 x HT-12
  16. There will be more 1299's up on the site next week. I'm waiting on more baffles for those.

    HT-12's will be in stock next week.

    If you're wanting to use HT-12's for surrounds, I'm assuming your theater room must be the size of a small house.
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  17. Just ordered a pair of the HTM-12's to use for Rear Surrounds, just because............. ;)
    The 1099's are being used for Center and Surrounds. :)
  18. Arr no, it 22 by 10 ft. Would you say the HT-8 would be more suitable?

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