Moving Sale - Volt 6 Drivers

Discussion in 'Classified Section' started by LuisV, Oct 23, 2020.

  1. Moving down south and downsizing, so I'm selling the drivers from my Volt 6 speakers. I have the original boxes... Reasonable offers accepted... send me a PM or post here.

    IMG_4568.jpeg IMG_4572.jpeg IMG_4573.jpeg IMG_4575.jpeg IMG_4576.jpeg IMG_4566.jpeg IMG_4567.jpeg

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  2. Just curious if you are selling just the volt 6 inch driver or a complete volt 6 speaker (minus box) with the crossover?
  3. Selling as shown in the photos... all drivers, crossovers, ports, etc., just no boxes.
  4. LuisV,
    Are those still available?

  5. Still available? Please text me 2709299179
  6. Interested but seems no longer available?
  7. Sorry, but they have been sold.

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