MTG-06-OWS (On Wall Surrounds) Aura NS6 + DNA-150/EOS-6

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  1. Updated to show finished product you can keep reading below this if you want to follow the original build process:

    Designed to be as compact as possible yet still achive fairly high sensitivity for their size and allow for a 80hz crossover point, they use the Aura NS6 and the DNA-150 in the EOS-6 waveguide. I build these to be wall mounted but a bookshelf enclosure could be made without any crossover changes if the woofer still gets rear mounted.

    Sensitivity: 89dB 1W/1m
    Frequency response: 80-20,000hz
    Recommended input power: Up to 100 watts *program* 50 watts RMS

    External dimensions are 13” high, 8” wide ~7.75 at top and ~4.25” at bottom which is about a 15 degree slope (15.068).
    3/4” was used for the front baffle, rest was 1/2”.


    Driver measurements from both wall mounted and stand mounted:

    Measuements with crossover stand mounted:

    Parts list for this design:

    DNA-150, EOS-6 and bolt-on to screw adaptor would need to be purchased through DIY sound group. Total for the drivers/XO is <$65

    Crossover Schematic:

    Original build starting point:
    Panels cut, here is just a taste, more pictures and info to come. ;D

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    I did start the woofer cutouts last night, but not worthy of an update yet so I am going to back up a bit. I you haven't already figured out what this is going to be the clue is in the last three letters of the name. OWS short for -- ---- --------. ;)

    This design calls for some panels cut on angles. While I did manage the synergy horn cuts on the table saw without one, I wanted to make a sled for easier cutting of angled panels.

    I started with a piece of lamintaed particle board, I got few of these from ikea for $1.50 each in the clearance area because they had some small dents on one of the corners. A trick I learned about cutting laminated boards is to make a small cut just deeper then the laminate itself on both sides. This prevents the laminate from peeling back while you make the cut through the board.


    Next step was to drill a bunch of holes spaced evenly apart on the bottom and recess t-nuts in them.


    Unfortunately the camera's battery died so you will miss a few steps but here is the finished product. Simple and worked out very well. I wish I would have built it before cutting the synergy horn panels, would have made those a whole lot easier.

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    I'd like to buy a vowel. "u"
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    Really neat trick on your sled there. I will definitely be stealing that one. I was custom screwing in each toggle clamp on mine for each type cut, which was slow and used up the board.

    Any more on your Synergies? Are you calling them done?

    I'm hopeless at figuring out your word puzzle.
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    I had insider info, so I won't spoil the surprise.

    I like the sled too. I'll trying that sometime. Looks like you have quite the shop MTG.
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    Aww Bill landed on bankrupt, lets go to the next contestent. ;D

    I actually got inspiration from your sled, mixing the toggle clamp idea with an adjustable fence. Sharing tips and tricks is what the DIY world is about. :)

    I am pretty happy with the synergies right now, I would call them done. I don't have a place to keep them setup so they sit stacked up in my basement until I feel like anoying neighbors with them outside. When PE offers the miniDSP I may pick one up and try a semi active setup with them.

    Thanks tux
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    The last word is 'surround', but I can only guess at the rest...

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    on wall surround?

    have you considered using the synergies inside? Or too big?
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    Bill's got it, on wall surround. You'll know the drivers once you see them.
    I have used them indoors, I just don't have a permenent spot to keep them setup.
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    Alpha 6A and DNA150+WG? Or 8A? Either way, sounds like a winner.

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    Close but both those don't work well in an enclosure this size. I guess I'll give away the details.

    In order to make it as compact as possible I'm using 3/4" for the baffle and 1/2" for the rest. Sealed design, internal volume is around 0.2cuft. Outside dimentions are 13" tall 8" wide and 7.75" at the top and 4.75" at the bottom. It will use the EOS-6/DNA-150 and an Aura NS6.

    Had not had much time the past two days to work on it but here is what I have done.
    Woofer holes cutout:

    Put roundover on front of baffle:

    Freehanded recess for woofer into back of baffle, does not have to look pretty.

    Look to see how driver fits.

    I started some work on the waveguide recess and already fudged up one baffle, but I have no worries a little filler and you won't even tell.
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    Got the chance to work on these a little more tonight, finished the waveguide cutouts and then started gluing.

    Here I am routing waveguide recess, you can see the one I made a little mistake on:

    Both done with centers cutout:

    A veiw of the Aura with the cardboard gasket material removed:

    Both woofer and waveguide in baffle:

    Dry fit of enclosures:

    Gluing started:
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    looking nice! I like the back mounted woofers with roundover.
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    Nice work! The rear-mount + roundover really transforms the look of the NS6 from "kinda cheap" to "means business."

    What's the total diameter of the woofer mount, with the roundover? Also, how are you mounting the NS6? Short screws, a JBL-type clamping system, or something else?
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    The woofer diameter with roundover (3/8") is about 6-1/4", cutout is 5-7/16", inside recess for woofer is 6-3/8" (1/4" deep). I plan on using short screws to mount the woofer. There is about a 1/2" of material to grab and the aura has eight holes so some short screws should do fine.
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    The Aura also weights close to nothing, so no deep screws really needed.
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    Thanks for the info. Looks like a killer idea for a surround speaker. Or even small mains. Looking forward to seeing more from it. :)
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    I really like the way that looks. How close is the woofer from fitting through the waveguide cutout?
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    It is close but does not squeeze through. I am just going to cut an access panel on the back. Another way would have just been to make the whole back removable which I have done before.


    Though there was some reason why I did not want to do that on this one and cannot remember why.
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    I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this woofer soon. I'm considering an in wall MMTMM with them.

    Will you be measuring these in-situ considering their specific placement purpose?
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    I have used the Aura before in a small bookshelf (0.25 cuft sealed) with a 3/4" dome. I thought it sounded real nice and the bass was quite good considering small enclosure. This one will be just a bit smaller at 0.2 cuft.

    I plan on doing both outdoor (full space) and indoor on wall measurements. I'll make sure to post both here so everyone can see the differences.

    I still have to glue the baffle on and put in some bracing then I'll be able to mount up the drivers and measure.
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    Boxes glued up checking how it looks on a wall:

    temporarily mounted on wall so I can stand back and see how it looks:


    Looking through the removable back access port at Aura NS6 mounted with short screws:

    On wall with drivers mounted ready to test. I should note that these are light enough that a simple screw in drywall anchor should hold them up without any problem. It's how I have them attached and they feel very secure:

    Finally on wall driver frequency response, these were done at a little over 1m back and more towards being on axis with the woofer as I have a feeling listening position will be below them rather then above. Below the baffle step range there is a lot of interaction with the wall causing all the dips and peaks and they are are to be expected. The dips are pretty narrow (smoothing widened them some) so I don't know how noticable they would be, also they move depending upon listening position so I can't do much about them. It is still down 5-6dB in that range so I think I am going to add some bsc in though. Have not started on crossover work yet, might be able to get to that tomorrow.
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    Some crossover work done, I have two versions:

    Third order on woofer (Flatter, but uses 3 more parts)

    Second order on woofer (only 7 parts = lower cost, but woofer breakup not buried as deep)

    Now to decide which one to order parts for.
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    Looking good. Some midbass EQ might be called for (as it is for most speakers), or maybe not, this being a surround. I like the slowly sloping upper end of the curve.

    Looks really nice cosmetically, too.

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