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  1. Hello, new here and need help/guidance on a project.
    I have some nice 1.1 cu.ft cabs that I will make either MTM or TMM to match a recent project.
    My biggest question is for a simple stereo setup, is an MTM or TMM better/best as they'll be on bookshelves?
  2. Unless you are building really tall speakers, TMM is in my opinion a better choice. It can get the tweeter on a floorstanding speaker at your seated earlevel. It can also make it easier to physically time align the tweeter.
  3. +1 for TMM
    Thank you for your experienced input.
    As I understand it an MTM also needs a specialized crossover and TMM can use a simple 2-way?
  4. Forgot I posted here a while back. I've been thoroughly enjoying my new creations and must say I had to re-mod the tweets to accept the SMOOTH SL-5000s over the SL-1000 tweets....ZMAX 399.jpg

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