My build thread to date.

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    35.JPG This has taken me almost a year of figuring , building and saving. I have a link with captions for pictures on Imgur.
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  2. I was somewhat pressed for time on that last post, so I will add some info here.
    Sound from the 1299's, cant really say yet since I need to purchase the avr. I am getting the Nad 758v3 which from my reading sounds good and has Dirac Live on it. My subs are under powered with an Inuke 3k dsp and am waiting for the new ones to come out in black. Then ordering a 6kdsp for front subs and moving the 3k to the picowreckers.
    Wondering on the Atmos speakers in ceiling. Thinking of the Volt 6 but really would like not to go sealed and rather ported to keep the lower extension from them.
    Once everything is done, I am looking at a 5.x.4 system, which I hope will rock.
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  3. Made some grills for the 1299's.
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  4. Setup looks great! I really like the grills you made for the 1299;s.
    Are you running a projector because your speakers are totally outclassing your TV at this point!:D
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  5. 43.JPG
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  6. Amazing! Inspiring! So jealous!

    Getting DIYSG gear to Australia is super costly.

    I foresee long term hearing damage is just a flick of the wrist away. ;)
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  7. What size room do you have and what size screen is that?

    I really like the grills, nice job!
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  8. room is pretty much open 16x28. The screen is a 110 inch squeezed in there. That is as big as I could go with the 1299's taking a lot of space. I am very happy with the quality of the sound. They have a larger sound presence compared to the 1099's I had. The mids hit pretty hard compared to the 1099's. Been listen to a lot of music lately but at nite the movies come out and the 1299's take the dynamics to another level. As with the 1099's, the 1299's will play way too loud if you are not careful with the volume knob.

    Are you still enjoying the 893's? I would imagine the volume knob can get turned a little to far on those also. :)
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  9. Yes, we're still rocking the 893s! :) We're in the processing of building a new home, but will be compromissing a little HT wise as the space for a dedicated HT room is smaller than what I have now. We gain an in ground pool, so don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but the new space is smaller, so not sure if the 893s and sealed UM18s will be too much for the smaller room:

    Current Room (not dedicated) - 18' 6" x 17' 8" with 8' ceilings open to the rest of the house
    New Room (dedicated) - 15' 7" x 10' 11' with 10' ceilings

    I'm thinking about switching to the HTM-10s and building taller, yet slimmer cabinets for the UM18s, but we'll see... still debating on what to do.
  10. I can see it now the 893's in the pool area and the HTM-10 in your new room. :)
    Good luck with it all and keep us updated.
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    Ha... I'm sure the neighbors wouldn't mind that at all. ;) For sure, I'll post updates, pics, etc in the forums.
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