My Multipurpose Room HT build

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  1. Morning,

    THANKS in advance!!!!!

    I found this forum from visiting other forums and thought you may be able to assist in my HT. YES I POSTED THIS elsewhere....

    Hello Everyone!

    For the most part my basement is almost finished (DIY), I think I will go with the Volt 6/8/10lx. I have been reading a lot ( (DIYsoundgroup)and I like the idea of purchasing the kits and build my own boxes. I’m pre-wired for 7.4 (multiple options for subwoofer placement) and ATMOS, multiple CAT6 and HDMI…all to an equipment closet.

    Thanks rocko66, cdy2179 and a few other who guided me this far. <---other forum

    My fronts will be installed behind an AT screen. Surround and/or ATMOS will also be installed recessed in wall/ceiling. That being said:

    1. Any issues with me modifying the dimensions of boxes being built as to fit around studs accordingly? I plan to stay within or slightly larger specs recommended by ERICH from DIYSOUNDGROUP where i plan to purchase most of my DIY kits.
    2. Please let me know what size and makeup of the center channel would work in my multipurpose room
    3. What combination of volt6/8/10 would I use per location in my HT taking into consideration the layout of the room
    Please take into consideration this is a multi use room and I’m far from an audiophile…I just want something that sounds a little better thank nice [​IMG] I included the blueprint for my basement showing the location of HT and a few pictures where my fronts and AT screen will be.

    Also my theater wall's upper half of wall depth available 6” (6"cement blocks) I could get a 2 more inches if i remove the foam board and or recessed a bit less. Lower half of wall (built with 8 inch cement blocks) Possibly 5 inches so my speaker box will have to stick out a bit.

    1. I’d like my screen as close to speakers as possible. Any recommendations?
    2. Not familiar with what the screen will feel like as yet, will front ports on baffle cause the screen to move if the volume is turned up? Should I go IB to avoid? Move the port to top of box?
    3. Bolting boxes to studs? Do I need any kind of rubber to dampen the possible vibrations of studs?
    Forgive me if this comes off as a lengthy, jumbled run on sentence for a person who is in way over his head.

    Forum Basement revision2_Page_1.jpg Forum Basement revision2_Page_2.jpg IMG_1588.JPG IMG_1589.JPG
  2. good build man,
    i live in California no basements out here .....i have made my garage the shop/theater/personal pole dance studio for my wife
  3. LOL @ pole dance studio. forum seems pretty quiet.. I should have kept my questions simple
  4. hahahaha its nice :)
    you can see the bottom of the pole off the mirror reflection little to the right of the center
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  5. I really need some help deciding on choosing the right speakers for my situation guys.....any suggestions are welcome, I am not picky.

    I'm pre wired for most senarios and I am ready to start building speakers.

    thanks in advance
  6. I will give up on a HT if my wife picks up pole dancing....
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  7. You could go 893 for your LCR lots of guys go that route from what i have seen. the HTM-10 and 12's were made so that they could go behind a AT screen that is why the speaker isnt real deep if you were limited on space behind the screen
  8. the screen shouldn't move you need to be pushing lots of air for that. go with HTM-10 or 12 they sound great crisp and clear you wont be disappointed
  9. Thanks Nolan..... I'm reading the up on your suggestions (HTM thread). I like so far but did you have to choose the most pricey option :). will update!!!
  10. I didn't know your budget .... what subs are you looking to run ? I was going to run a HTM-10 for the center also ....but the 893 was a better option for me due to the screen as you can tell from the picture
  11. I haven't really thought of subs except to pre wire for four possible SUBs 2 front wall and two rear wall. I just realized you have the same setup that you're recommending....always good to know. Hopefully I decide on the fronts by tomorrow.
  12. I am running 6 subs in 3 pairs stacked both back corners and one stack in front left corner. I went with the HTM-10 for the left and right due for there wide dynamic range and the 893 for its horizontal arrangement and it's a 3 way for all that detail :D
  13. lol i may just start with one, care to tell us how you ended up with 6? You must have started with less
  14. I did start with 4 one in each corner and did a crawl and found that my front right corner was completely dead .... so I stacked it and that left the other two unstacked OCD kicked in so I bought 2 more plus I got a deal on them
  15. I don't want to hijack the thread, but Nolan, when you started talking about your 893, it made me wonder how well the HTMs worked with it. I also have an 893 center and am still undecided on the L and R. (It's hard to decide, because the home made towers I have are pretty good)
    The choices are: Do nothing, ported 893 towers, or HTM 12s. Large room, 50/50 music and HT. Opinions ???

    Sorry Ravi - back to regular programing.......
  16. They go great with the 893 ....HTM-10's give good midbass and have good dynamic range large is large? When I watch a movie i usually have it around -20db that is comfortable listing ... were my wife does not mind it and want to leave the room

    You guy will not be disappointed with the HTM's
  17. My room is about 18 X 45, if you include the kitchen and dining room that are mostly open to it. 10 ceilings too. It takes large speakers to fill the area with sound. I rarely need to turn it up as far as -20. What I have now is 'good enough', but 'better still' has a certain allure. And I want to build something. hmm... 893 or HTM... hmm
  18. So you don't have a need for sound isolation.... pull the trigger and build them might as well just go with the 1299 hahahaha
  19. no issues scary, by all means.... I entertain any conversation that can help me pull the trigger
  20. Ravi.... HTM you will enjoy
  21. your tv is looking like it is only 12ish feet away ... how big is your display ?
  22. Here are my dimensions:

    1. Ideal seating will be about 12-15 feet away from screen.
    2. Screen size are yet to be determined, available space 9'8"Wx7'H.
    3. Seating TBD I have about 7' a four seater might not fit. May have to go 2 x 2. but that will make the front seats maybe 9' away from screen.


    • Any suggestions on screen size? I plan to DIY the Seymore screen on a false wall after front speakers are installed
    • Does my dimensions impact your previous recommendations? of 893 + 10/12"HTM
    • Back to subs. I ran into this build. What do you think if i can make this fit somewhere on the front wall? also which Subs did you build? I am trying to figure out if the dimensions of the box and possible locations around the room.... possible sub locations in pics below

    Thanks for your help so far. I am really clueless in this department

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  23. I would go HTM-10's for your LCR, but if you wanna go with the 893 for your center that is completely up to you. just make sure that the speakers will be at ear level when putting them behind the screen. your gonna be 9' away from the screen I would go with 100" screen. I have a 120" screen sitting is 12 feet away.
  24. What kind of projector are you gonna use 720 1080 4K ? Your dimensions do not effect LCR far will the wall be from the baffle ? I didn't build subs I have bought 6 Polk PSW505, I want to build 2 full Marty with 18" subs
  25. HTM-10 for L and R is locked in. Do you think 893 is an over kill for me? or the HTM 10 for center will be sufficient? I don't want to half-ass it and then be mad at myself right after installation for not spending the extra $60. HTM-6 for the rear surround?

    100 inch screen sounds good

    minimum for a projector would be 1080 I have been browsing the BenQ's on amazon but I'm not quite there as yet my old vga will get me through construction..

    false wall with screen from SUB/Fronts wall, I was thinking only a few inches but if thats not possible then i will have to place subs elsewhere? subs IB in ceiling frowned upon? would my kids be annoyed at me during NFL season?

    thanks again

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