My Multipurpose Room HT build

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  1. Go with the 893 for center then like I said though get it ear level high freq. are very directional so ear level is a must.... there is no such thing as overkill hahahahaha if you want to go with the htm-6 for rears have and have a more consistent line of speakers ....

    Epson HC 3020 Home Cinema 3D 1080p 3LCD Projector (Certified Refurbished)
  2. Is the theater going to to isolated from the rest of the basement or wide open ?
  3. 893 at ear level it is....

    great suggestion on projector...definitely a consideration.

    the theater will not be isolated (open concept) except for the mechanical room. Any changes to your speaker suggestions?

    HTM-6 is big enough for the surround?
  4. more consistent line of speaker?
  5. No changes to suggestions....
  6. I went ahead and pulled the trigger 2 HTM-10 and the 893. This should keep me busy until I decide on the rear or atmos. Going to need to skimp now since i blew my budget with three speakers and no receiver to play them :) or projector.... Thanks Nolan hope this all works out and the wife visits me in the basement. I may have to buy her something now....a pole maybe :)
  7. i would go with rears not atmos wait on the atmos get a receiver that supports it and add it later.

    my wifes gets mad because im always in the garage ...
  8. It's a timely thing man ....Rome wasn't built in a day ..... took me a while to get everything together few speakers here receiver there projector etc. a gift would aid you in your adventure .....a pole would be good gift though it benefits everyone hahahahaha get a good one .....
  9. LoL at platinum stages, wonder if i can pass it off as a fireman pole to my kids :) what size do you recommend for the rear, that would compliment the fronts I purchased?

    I'm considering the multiple sub approach...smaller (hide around the room) more to follow... will post some pics when the stuff arrives. I may have to order a magnifying glass to complete the crossover...
  10. My kids like playing on the pole climbing it and spinning around, consider it pole fitness hahahaa. You could wait for the HTM-6 to get posted up on diy, or go with the Volt-6 the the angled flat pack

    You didn't buy the pre-assembled crossovers for the HTM-10's ? Talk to Matt Grant about crossover board for the 893.
  11. I did NOT buy the pre-assembled. I will send matt a message now. I know the shipping label was submitted. lets hope they didn't ship as yet
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    Can't wait to see it when it's finished!
  13. got half of shipment today. I may use grant's help with the xo's so I'm still a few weeks out. I will get the started on the wall and maybe post a few pics.
  14. Quick background.

    I got the itch to finish my basement about two years ago (DIY) quickly drew up plans and got to work. Wife wanted a bathroom (no more pool wet kids parading through her house) I wanted a bar (mostly for guests), home gym and a home theater of some sort. Learned framing/plumbing/electric mostly on you-tube. Fast forward today, for the most part all the walls are up bar is 80% complete (awaiting cabinets and counter tops) Bathroom 90%... awaiting a piece of granite for niche. so my focus is on the HT.

    Read a lot these past few weeks and realized that it takes a lot more that what I have available to make a decent home theater...I have no previous knowledge on acoustics/speaker placement and a number of things that the space i choose would be lacking. So basically it is what it is and I got what I got. Just got to make it work somehow. Please forgive my ignorance.

    I have been browsing this website and a few others for a few weeks and I ordered two HTM-10 and one 893. Didn't realize how small my area was until i marked off the possible location of front speakers (see pic)

    Reason I am attempting to stay above the brown line is the 4 inches of extra clearance, where i can recessed the speakers a bit more in wall...making room for my false wall and AT screen.

    Please let me know your thoughts.... can these work? I plan to toe them all in to focus on the sweet spot which ideally would be about 10 feet away but with the 6' distance between L and R....not sure

    Its too late to change front speakers.... already shipped off the parts to Matt so he can build my XO's.

    BRIGHT SIDE. I do not have audiophile best surround sound system was SONY 5.1 10 years ago...maybe $400 for complete system. so anything that beats that will do :)

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  15. why are the speakers so high ?
  16. how deep is the recess ? what do you intend your baffle wall to look like ? should look a little something like this, all it is there for it to hold the screen up... it isnt a load bearing wall something simple to hold the screen up....
  17. you could go the other route and have the speakers around the screen like i have done and so many others ... when you have speakers behind a screen you do loose sound whenever you put something in front of the speaker. if you got a motorized 100" 16:9 screen the screen width itself you be 87.5" leaving you with about 15" on each side of the screen judging by your 117" measurement that would be perfect for your HTM-10's to fit on each side all you should have to do is have some stands to put them on and have your 893 just at the bottom of the screen.. i always like the appearance of speakers especially if you put them together yourself
  18. In front of wall, i want to say about 16 inches recessed, but like i said i was hoping for the recessed look (sheer) no visible speakers

    wall will be simple and not load bearing...AT screen hanging on it. Unfortunately I was going for the sleek hidden look of UNFINSHED speakers :)

    I may have to consider one of those screens you mentioned.

    I was shooting for the first picture (recessed screen) but I may have to settle for picture 2....back to the drawing board

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  19. I think you will be fine if you got 16" to play with 9" for speaker 3.5" for 2x4 you got 3.5" of wiggle room for the HTM-10's the 893 is 12" deep so still have 4" wiggle should be fine dude if you want it to be AT screen believe you can do it ... don't underestimate yourself ..... ear level
  20. Those tape marks for the htms are way to damn high
  21. Since you are putting all LCR behind the screen I would suggest making them all the same. The bigger waveguides on the HTM10 or HTM12 may be better than the 893. I have the 893's and I like them very much that I am planning to build towers for a 2.0 music only system. In your case though the HTMs will probaly serve you better.
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  22. I already purchased the 893 and htm-10's, awaiting the circuit boards. Been a bit busy...spring/yard work... I plan to have my new design drawn up and posted tonight.
  23. Here is a sketch of what I'm thinking now after all the input received so far. As you can see, I can barely write much less draw....

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  24. Boards are here....time to purchase some MDF. Working on a cut sheet for Home Depot. My table saw isn't big enough for a 4x8.... did I miss a cut sheet for the HTM-10 and 893? Don't want to reinvent....

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  25. Boards look solid. Thanks Matt Grant

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