My Multipurpose Room HT build

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  1. did you not get the flat packs?
  2. here is my cut list for HD
    one 893
    2) 28x11
    1) 28x10.5
    2) 8.75x11

    two HTM-10's
    4) 19.5x8
    4) 13.5x8
    2) 19.5x15

    all will fit on 1 3/14 MDF
  3. I didn't, remember i was planning on custom building them into my wall space....not the case anymore, I might as well save a few dollars and build to spec with materials from HD
  4. I may have forgotten the braces :)
  5. Is there a sturdier version to secure board in box? options?[​IMG]
  6. Did i lose you Nolan? Well with my inferior tools, I'm finally back to putting these bad boys together(spring projects). Folks GET THE FLAT PACKS...It could have saved me countless hours.
    I know there was many comments when i attempted to place my speakers high. Any recommendations on ideal placement. I am building a false wall to house the speakers, so placement will not be an issue anymore. See image below. I will have the ability to toe in the fronts if that matters.


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  7. whats up man ? nope didnt lose me.....hey if your tools get the jobs done it doesnt matter what they are people use books for weight who cares..... what matters is the end product.

    placement want ear height when in your seated listening position
  8. I am going to be building a room within the garage for the theater, dimensions will be about 13 x 18 instead of a big square like i have now which isnt good for acoustics. Gonna start it this weekend shouldnt take me all that long.
  9. That's great, hope the pole remains the center piece. :) I finished up gluing the boxes and purchased lumber for the false wall. If the wife and kids could keep me out of holiday weekend plans ...wall going up....
  10. It is great like Frosted Flakes. The Pole will no longer be there it will obstruct the view of the screen. Didn't we talk about a baffle/false wall for the screen and speakers back on the previous post #41 and #43 ? Holiday weekend.... the 4th is on a Tuesday man...hahahaha you cant see fireworks in the day time anyway so you have all morning and afternoon to do it.:)
  11. Looking at your 893 why is there a full piece (closest) And not a U brace like the furthest piece ?
  12. Sorry, with all the excitement, i sent a pic of my dry fit. Will upload better pics tonight. I am definitely going with what was discussed post 41-43. I want to frame the false wall on floor first then nail in place. this was in can decide on screen whether AT (bigger screen and hide everything) or smaller motorized screen. recess false wall according to design.

    You wont suggest placing all speakers on option C then Toe them towards sweet spot?

    Regardless wall is going up this weekend with all the vertical studs in place, horizontal will be added when height is decided upon.
    Pics to follow

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  13. Option C looks way to high ...

    what is the height of your ears when seated ?

    What would the height of the Horn on the HTM-10's be and the center of the 893 be for Option C ?
  14. Following your lead to working....added PL1 to seam (definitely an overkill) made the wall and placed speaker in (temp) for your viewing pleasure. center or horns/speakers are 36 inches above floor. I can raise or lower if needed. Maybe I'll start insulating the boxes tonight when the kids go to bed. Your thoughts?

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  15. Are you going AT screen ? My HTM-10's are at 42" center of horn and 893 with a tilt up is at 26" due to having to be below the screen ....your build is looking really good man
  16. Thanks, I can easily move the HTM-10 a little. 893 can also be tilted if needed. AT screen it is.... I've been browsing the Seymour website for a DIY, I'm thinking the center stage UF. any thoughts
  17. I placed the order for the 120" I'm tired from building those speaker boxes :). Will update, assembling speaker......
  18. I know it has been a while....apparently finishing the rest of basement has a higher priority than the HT according to the wife....I seem to have about 12 inches below the screen between the studs for a small SUB. thoughts?

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  19. hey got to keep the wife happy... i wouldnt go small sub... you will not be satisfied

    i need to post my project that is almost done
  20. the screen looks really good by the way
  21. Any updates to this build?
  22. Hello,

    Did not realize how long since I made a post. I am finally ready to work on my rear or surround speakers. looks like diysg added a few new models.

    I need rears/surround that can compliment my HTM10's and 893. Nolan are you still around?

    Thanks in advance...

  23. Hey man,
    Its has been a long time..... I would go with the Cobalt-8 with the surround flat pack if you are going to keep everything from DIY.

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