My Multipurpose Room HT build

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  1. Saw this after replying in the other thread. currently looking up your recommendations. glad to have you back. thanks
  2. Why not go with matching or smaller HTM's for your surrounds, or maybe volts?
  3. marc seals has good idea also about using the HTM-6's for rears but you need to get them closer
  4. Sorry for posting in multiple threads.

    Ceiling is definitely an option, I have my old speakers located there now and it works fine. There is plenty of room in that area (duct work). I may be able to recess and angle towards the sweet spot. See pic. I am guessing its about 16ft away from front wall. please see picture....Nolan do you still recommend the cobalt 8"? or should I try the HTM's or volts 6's?

    Yes i purchased (1) f12. you think i need a second?
  5. AHHHH damn im an idiot i ment VOLT-6 im sorry dude....
    either HTM-6 or Volt-6 the specs are almost identical
    i would lean more toward the Volt-6 with the angled flat pack due to you having to mount them off a ceiling.

    Model: Volt-6
    Designer: Matt Grant
    Frequency Response:
    Ported: 65hz - 20khz (+/-3db)

    Atmos: 115hz - 20khz(+/-3db)

    Power Range: 10 - 300 watts
    Sensitivity: 93db - 2.83v/1m
    Impedance: 8 Ohm
    Tweeter: Denovo Audio DNA-150
    Crossover Point: 2000hz
    Woofer: Denovo Audio CX-06
    Enclosure Type: Ported or Sealed
    Ported: 8"w x 12"h x 6.75"d

    Angled: 8" x 12" x 8"top 5" bottom

    Atmos: 8.5"w x 8.5"h x 6.125"d

    Kit weight (no cabinet): About 11 pounds
    Assembled weight: About 15 pounds

    Model: The HTM-6
    Designer: Matt Grant
    Frequency Response: 65hz - 20khz (+/-3db)
    Power Range: 10 - 200 watts
    Sensitivity: 93db - 2.83v/1m
    Impedance: 8 Ohm
    Tweeter: Denovo Audio DNA-325
    Crossover Point: 1600hz
    Woofer: Eminence 6.5" Alphalite
    Enclosure Type: Ported
    Dimensions: 10" W x 13.5" H x 7" D

    Assembled weight: About 13 pounds
  6. as for a second sub...a second sub is always better or 4
    low fq is always better with MORE... your always gonna want more and dipping down in the teen Hz's your going to want it....
    i run 6 Polk PSW505 3x3 and i cant get down that low and i want more....

    i have a lot of power but the boxes are only tuned to get down so low...
  7. Leaning towards the volt 6's. Emailed diysg to check on availability. I like that it has a smaller profile with the angled flat pack. Thanks for your input as always.
  8. Morning all,

    Received my volt6 v2's (thanks for the suggestion Nolan) a few days ago so i started to put them the flat packs this time around (angled) attempting to recessed them into my ceiling and somewhat pointing them towards where i think will be the resting place for my future seating.

    IMG_0827.jpg IMG_0832.jpg IMG_0831.jpg IMG_0834.jpg IMG_0829.jpg IMG_0830.jpg
  9. got the installed finally. awaiting fabric to make a grill.

    IMG_0839.jpg IMG_0844.jpg IMG_0845.jpg IMG_0848.jpg IMG_0849.jpg
  10. This is it....there is no removing those

  11. Hello,
    How do they sound?

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