My Volt 6 Build

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  1. As always, fantastic packaging and speedy turn around times from Erich and DIYSG. After unpacking everything, I reviewed all of the individual parts and dry fitted the Baltic birch flat pack and MDF baffle.


    The cabinet assembly was rather quick and painless.

    IMG_6776.JPG IMG_6777.JPG

    Assembly of the crossovers were next.

    IMG_6781.jpg IMG_6782.jpg
    IMG_6783.jpg IMG_6786.jpg

    More to come...
  2. Mounted the crossovers and starting to glue in the foam. Getting close to attaching the front baffle, just waiting to take delivery of the terminal cups from PE.

    IMG_6790.jpg IMG_6793.jpg IMG_6802.jpg IMG_6803.jpg
  3. Installed the baffle on the second cabinet... almost ready to sand and finish them. :cool:

  4. Getting closer... all sanded and ready for a few coats of Restore 4X.

  5. First coat of Restore 4X applied... ran out of flat black, so before I apply the second coat, I'll pick up a rattle can to give the speaker recess a quick shot so the MDF doesn't show through when the speaker is mounted. Getting closer...

  6. 2nd coat applied. HD was out of flat black spray paint, so I used q-tips to cover the driver recess. I'll check them in a few hours to see if they need a 3rd coat... I think I gave my sub 3 coats, but we'll see.

  7. Took a little longer than they should have as I was crazy busy in the office; however, they are finally done. Hope to spend some quality time with them tomorrow.



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