My Volt 6's with grills

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  1. Thought I would post a few pictures since I haven't seen many Volt 6's with grills.


  2. Those look great!

    This year is my center channel build (looks like 1099 is the winner) and finish building my two subs under construction. Next spring, I'll be doing Volt 10's or 6's--or Volt 8's and plan on making them wall color white with grills to "hide" them. How much do your Volt 6's weigh with the grills and ready to go?
  3. My next project are two ported subs. Around 8-9 cuft tuned at 18.5. Then onto my 1099's.
    I have a whole summer of projects coming up. MBM's along with my pico wreckers. Should be a good summer. :)

    Just put one on the bathroom scale. Weight = 13.2 lbs with grill on.
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  4. Very nice!

    It's true that there aren't many who make/post pictures of grills on their speakers. They do go a long way in making the speakers look more complete.
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  5. I'm cutting panels for my second sub box--when it warms up that is. Then it will be veneer and hardwood top to make them pretty so getting there slowly.

    The new V6 V2 would be the winner for side/rear surrounds painted the same color as the wall. Really like the grills, I am pondering how to get white grills to match the off-white wall color. That is what makes this hobby fun (denial statement)

    My 6cf ported subs will be using the Alpine SWS15 so if I move and get a basement HT going on--I can change the drivers to build Lilwrecker 17Hz tapped horns with the same drivers. My upgrade path is already in place just in case I need tapped horn bass. Now to figure out how to squeeze in 6 foot tall tapped horns into the living room--not going to happen.

    Matt's new Volts distract me, probably because it would be nice to build something small for once! Good luck with your builds and if they end up looking like your surrounds, then it will look great.
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