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  1. I have an unusual layout due to the way the room is laid out there is no way I can have floor speakers as my mains. Yes I could rearrange the room but the thought of doing all that pretty much kills that idea. I posted 2 images these show the current location of my Volt 6's they have to mounted in this location so all 3 speakers will be on the same plane as well as angled and centered to MLP. My plan now that I am finally getting close to the end is to get 1 more Volt 6 and move all 4 to the rear and use them as surrounds. Now the tough part I want something that would compliment the V-6's and make more of an impact. The problem is the space I have to work with, looking at the first image the distance from the ceiling to the opening to the hallway is 13.5" . The second image shows the center and the right speaker. Keeping the 13.5" in mind I would like to go with the Fusion 8 and the matching center but the question on whether or not I can mount the F-8 horizontally is a concern if I had to I could go with 3 of the F-8 centers and use those as the mains but would rather not spend over 700.00. If the F-8's will not work would the Volt 10's be a worthwhile choice? If I go with them and use the sealed dimensions I can make them work but the next question would be can I have the Volt 6 that are ported as the rear surrounds and have the Volt 10's sealed as my mains. If someone could straighten this out for me great.
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