Need IB Center Speaker Recs for pairing with Fusion 10 LRs

Discussion in 'DIY Speakers and Subwoofers' started by Crashless, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. My living room remodel is finally happening, and my wife threw me a curveball. I need to find a center channel speaker that can be mounted into the wall.

    To be specific, we're building a thin facade on which to mount the TV above the fireplace. It will only be about 1.5" deep, then there is the wall space w/ studs 16" apart (off a few inches from center & not moveable).

    So, which DIY design would be best to mount onto the facade to use as the center channel if I'm using fusion 10s as the L/R speakers?

    I thought about the Fusion-8 center, but I'm not sure how deep it is if I mount the front baffle on top of the facade. Is that information anywhere? Also, it's ported - doesn't that create a problem with the wrong volume behind it?

    I also thought maybe a Volt-10 LX, but I can't find depth info on that either.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Whelp - I should have researched just a bit more before posting.

    What about using the Volt-10 LX in the atmos box as a center? I could make a cutout in the wall, which would give me almost 4", then with the facade, the speaker would only stick out an inch or two. Not flush, but not bad. Then I'd just need to put some speaker cloth over it to hide it completely. Would it be a terrible idea to use this as a center in a setup with two Fusion 10s?

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