New Basement Media Room, 7.2.4 - 2K Budget - Best combo of DIY Speakers?

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  1. Noob here (although many years ago I dabbled in speaker building). I'm in the process of finishing my basement, which includes a media room mostly dedicated to home theater. I am getting close to the drywall phase of the project and need to make speaker choices soon.

    - My 7.5' tall, 19'x15' room will be soundproofed using ceiling isolated walls, clip & hat channel install of 2 layers of 5/8 drywall and Green Glue.
    - All speakers except for the LCR's will be in-wall or in-columns.
    - 4 Atmos speakers will be installed in-ceiling with backer boxes.

    My speaker budget (not including subs) is 2k...

    My initial inclination after reviewing the DIY line of speakers is:

    (LR) Fusion-8 Alchemy Tower
    (C) Fusion-8 Alchemy Center

    All surrounds and Atmos - Volt 6

    The Volt 6's are attractive due to their shallow depth - I want to keep the columns from protruding too far into the room.

    See attached pics for a better view. Thanks!

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