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  1. Hey guys,

    first post here. Been searching and reading a lot on AVSforums about the HTM-12 and Volt-6(8). I'm planning on ordering 3x HTM-12 (LCR) and 2 Volt-8 (surrounds) for my upcoming theater. I will be building probably afterwards also a Full Marty 18" sub (or 2).

    1. Any feedback regarding speaker selection for my room ? Total room is about 11.8m x 4.2m with a 45° sloped ceiling starting at 1m. Less than half of the room will be for the actual theater. Rest of the space will stay open, with an open stairway going down.

    2. I won't be buying the flat packs, so where can I get the drawings/dimensions for the cabinets ? I won't be making any adjustments, but just doing the standard build and place the LCR behind the AT screen, and the surrounds on a stand behind the sofa.

    3. Any idea on the cost for shipping this al to Belgium, and on the shipping time ? (In the meantime I already learned that on top of the product cost of +/- $1300 there will be transport costs and customs duties for roughly $900. What a disgrace).

    4. Any other suggestions/tips for me ? I will read some more build threads (have read already several), so most of it is currently clear to me.

    Thanks a lot !


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