New Project, Waveguide size and CD Advice

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  1. Hi everyone. I'm starting a new/first project with a little help from a few friends. However, I need a little advice on CD and waveguide's. I'm looking to use a 7" mid/midwoofer and crossing over around 2400Hz. Design goals are pretty standard: low distortion, accuracy, and large dynamics at just about any output level ;)

    Any advice is appreciated. TIA.
  2. Why do you want a waveguide? What does it need to accomplish in the design?
  3. It just needs to produce clean, low distortion, accurate sound. I'm turning to a CD in a SEOS waveguide for the same accuracy and low distortion I've become used to with my RAAL tweeters, but with more dynamic capabilities.

    So far I've got a large tapered TL for the bass section. Odds are pretty good the tweeter and mid will be in a separate but attached enclosure with a vented mid. I'm thinking a traditional dome tweeter and even the RAAL aren't going to provide the dynamics I'm looking for in the space I'm looking to be able to fill. Plus, like I said, I've got the RAAL's, which I love, and I've heard some great domes and have a couple pairs with very good domes.

    Plus the SEOS waveguides look like an interesting build. :D
  4. SEOS waveguides are effectively ( though un-officially ) reserved for inclusion in the kits sold by DIYSG ( this is a personal observation made after a couple of years of intense scrutiny ) .

    The affordable 10" & 15" plastic versions have never been available for purchase excepting to those people who bought some on the "pre-order" ( though limited quantities of 10" or 15" factory seconds were available / but are now N/A ).

    BTW, the SEOS 12 is available from DIYSG and from Parts Express .

    Unless you're handy at crossover design, buying a pair of kits is your fastest approach to usability.

    Currently the smallest kit available ( sporting a SEOS waveguide ) is the Fusion-10 Pure

  5. Thanks for the reply.

    I'm not worried about crossover design, I have an experienced friend helping with that. The issue we're running into is neither of us have have experience with the SEOS waveguides so are unsure what the best size might be to crossing over to a 7" mid.

    That would be a bit of a problem if they are unobtanium.
  6. Size-wise ?, slightly larger always works well for matching off-axis 6 db down points .

    Buy a pair of the EOS-8 waveguides. [​IMG]

    They're a mainstay of many DIYSG kits & happen to still be available ( plus, are reasonably priced ) .

    You'll need to buy compression drivers from some-one else ( since DIYSG hasn't sold individual compression drivers since before Christmas ) .

    The B&C, de10[​IMG] is used a lot with this waveguide ( ie; as the Denovo 205 c.d. clone ).


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