Newbie build for 30'x18'x9' dedicated theater

Discussion in 'DIY Speakers and Subwoofers' started by wraunch, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. All I need your best recommendations for a high sensitivity setup for a 7.1 theater. I plan on using my Onkyo 707 to power them for the next yr. I have never built my own speaker but the builds I'm reading about here all look great. What would you recommend for my lcr and surrounds? I will have a false wall with an AT screen and three rows of seats.
  2. What is your budget for the speakers? Any size limitations for surrounds (or behind the screen)? Do you want to build your own enclosures for the speakers or use the precut flat-packs?
  3. I'd like to stay around $1000 excluding the enclosures. I can make my own enclosures as long as I have good cut sheet directions. No size limitations really. Would like to keep the surrounds to wear I can walk mount them or mount them in my soffit. I'll have 2.5' behind the screen. And no width concerns.
  4. Hmm....
    $1000 in speakers does not leave a lot of choices for a 7.1 system. You could possibly go with Karma-10's for your LCR and Karma-8's for the surrounds. Or if you can cut your own baffles switch the Karma-10's out for Fusion-10 Pure's and use the Jack of All Trades design for surrounds. That one costs about $95 each but you need to order your parts separately (not a kit) here is the link to that design:
  5. I was hoping to use the Cheap Thrills for my LCR and maybe the Fusion 8 for my surround but that doesn't seem to be an option now. First I have heard of the Jack of All Trades design. I'm thinking for my space I will need a 10" woofer for the LCR and can use 8" for my surrounds. All of this will be powered by my Onkyo 707 for now.
  6. Does that sound sufficient?
  7. Hey Wraunch,

    You have a good sized room. I would consider going with the Karma-12 and the EOS-8 discussed here.

    The surrounds are not nearly as important as the L-C-R's so I would focus more of your budget towards those speakers rather than the surrounds. Your budget probably needs to be increased slightly, but DIY offers an easy path to extending your purchasing power by spreading out your purchase over several months.

    Erich is a stand up guy, so you can't go wrong with any purchase you make from him, and everyone else here is very helpful, as well.

  8. Thanks Mike. I will definitely look into those I am completely agree on the surround comment. I'm just focused on trying to finish my construction now but I need to start making equipment decisions too.
  9. Do you think I need to go with a 12" woofer or will 3 10" woofers for my LCR be adequate?

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