Newbie starting on some Overnight Sensations

Discussion in 'DIY Speakers and Subwoofers' started by stefaantje, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm placing my first steps into the audio-world, so I thought I might start with the basic Overnight Sensations.

    From what I've read, these seem to be the best bang/buck, especially for a beginner on a not-so-big budget. Are these really the best to begin with? I now have a Pioneer SX-450 amp (15wpc), I guess this one is a rather good match for the OS speakers?

    If I'd for some reason get sucked further into the audio-madness, would these OS's be useable as background speakers? (while putting some beafier speakers up front? If doing so, I guess I'd need a bigger amp too ;) )

    And then my final (and probably most important) question: does Erich ship to Europe for a reasonable price?

  2. Hey Stefaan,

    I don't think Erich ships to Europe. But double check.

    The OS are certainly a good way to get into audio. I'd be tempted to build something a little bigger if I were in your shoes, unless you need them to be small.
  3. Thx for the reply ;)

    If I want to build something bigger, later down the road, do you think I can use the small overnight sensations as background speakers? With some bigger speakers up front?

    Or should I have more "audio comfort" if I'd add a seperate subwoofer to the OS's?

    Regarding the DIY-side, should I buy speakercables with a certain AWG? (the bigger the better?)
  4. I always advocate for subwoofers. Even just a couple 10" with plate amps in sealed boxes set to 60 or 70hz is a good idea with you mains sealed up.

    Don't worry about speaker cable. Just get what ever is available and cheap.

    The OS can work as surrounds. Again though, they're greatest strength is bass extension in a very small package. Is that what you need?
  5. You'll have to talk me through on this ;)

    Plate amps = amp attached to the back of each individual sub, right?
    My Pioneer SX-450, that's a chip amp, right?

    For starters, the OS will be my only speakers. Wouldn't I overrule the small OS with a sub?

    But OS are ported speakers, so not a good combo? (but for what reason not a good combo?)

    Sorry for the overload of *newbie* questions.
  6. Your amp looks vintage, I wouldn't think it has a subwoofer management system. So if it can't do subwoofer management, I'd suggest plate amps that have a built in low pass set around 60 to 80hz. Plug the port in the OS. And play. That's what I do in my livingroom because I just use a little T-amp without any subwoofer management.

    How about just start with a pair of speakers. And then worry about subwoofers once you get those going. The OS are probably fine for this, unless you don't need them to be small, which there may be better options if you don't need them small.

    Hope that helps.

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