Niagara Falls, Ontario

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  1. I'm Nasty ;D . I'm about an hour and a half from Toronto.

    Just recently completed three 4Pi loudspeakers. All of them use JBL 2226H's, the new H290c horn, and the Denovo-360 in Place of the DE-250.
    My room is REALLY small, and not ideally set up (yet), but they still sound great.
    Surrounds are a pair of JBL 8340's.
    Receiver is a Pioneer VSX-1018 with all digital connections to my PC. Also have a DVD player lying around somewhere.
    No subwoofer yet but my sealed ZV3 18" should be built in the next few weeks, along with a Umik from MiniDSP to EQ.
  2. Updated, 4pi's are finished and moved into a better spot, Sundown Zv3 18" sealed sub finished as well.
    Currently working my pair of Sealed Mach 5 Ftw-21's to add to the mix.... just got a bunch of new blue rays too.
    If anyone visits it will definitely be a treat, ha.
  3. Well I've been busy with life and stuff, but my system is "mostly" finished. All the subs are done, surrounds and speakers setup, everything painted ( minus the 4Pi's ).
    Bump for anyone interested :)

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