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  1. First post ... Great site.

  2. Found the answer to my previous post about the XO'er
    I have sound, the drivers are actually playing music!!!! I had to test to make sure the XO and drivers are working.

    I have not sealed up the cabs, placed the stuffing and allowed for break in time but I was just wondering at first listen they are these a little bright?
    These are my first pair of new speakers. I have always purchased used or demos... I just realized this and I have never had to wait for break in.

    They image very well and tweeter is clear but my ears are very sentive and easily suffer fatigue.
    They are being played thru NAD 7240pe and cheap Sony SACD/DVD/CD
    Recording AJA Steely Dan.
    I hope the bass warms things up a bit.
    I hope to hear from some others about the experience or is it possible I have something wrong in the crossover?

  3. Erich,

    The kit was outstanding! Great fit and finish. The speakers are much better looking in person, pictures dont do them justice.
    I made enough Noob mistakes... not ordering the speaker terminals ::)
    The polarity reversed on the Woofer made the speaker sound thin. :eek:
    Overall I would call it a success as a build.

  4. Erich,
    As was mentioned in the previous post I was just testing, the drivers and the cabinets were not sealed. I pushed in the woofer and the held the cabinets tight and all of sudden BOOM!!! These little woofers just exploded with sound and it balanced out the tweeter. I can only imagine what it is going to sound like with the breakin time.

    I know that others have dampened the cabinets.... Is there anything that you or Paul recommend the interior walls?

    Thanks in advance

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