Nova Scotia, Canada DIYSG

Discussion in 'GTG's and Listening Opportunites' started by LitoGeorge, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Anyone in NS have these at home to listen to? I'd be most obliged to have a listen - I am in the South Shore if that helps.

    Thanks - LG
  2. You made it eh! Nice. Good luck finding someone, pretty sparse area. Haven't seen to many forum names from that area. Let us know if you do though :)
  3. Sure did mate. PEI for a while and now NS on the South Shore. Pretty as all bananas, but lotsa black flies, deer flies and mozzies. Like a lil Trifecta...

    If you can stand 'em, incredibly good value on real estate here. Ridiculous even by Canadian standards.

    Will let you know if I hear anything. Trust you're doing good in ol' Pamela land :)

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