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Discussion in 'Speaker Kit Information' started by Matt Grant, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. That is small enough to use as surrounds. I'm liking where this is going and the BB boxes would lighten them up also. I'll be looking at them in February as my annual spring build more speakers project rolls. Hopefully they will be available by then so thanks for the stats.
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  2. Well it's football season now ... as posted earlier I'm itching for 4 HTM-8's for my side/rear surrounds, just installed 4 Volt-10's for the ceiling Atmos.
  3. @Matt Grant hate to bother you, but any news on the HTM-8?
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  4. How about updates on the HTM center??
  5. That's all in Erich's hands now, the design work has been done for months and I even built some assembled crossovers for those a while back. Not sure what the current hold up is preventing them from being listed.

    I have the HTM-10 MTM/Center channel that I am working on but didn't really like the 2-way crossover I tried as it left the vertical dispersion (or horizontal as a center) far too narrow before getting a cancelation between the woofers, good to only +-10 degrees or so. I am going to try a 2.5 way crossover to see if that helps. If it doesn't the HTM-10 Center design might not happen.
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  6. Thanks Matt! Reseaching options and curious what your thoughts would be for a dedicated theater room. Room is 10' 11" x 15' 7" with 10' ceilings. Would you recommend the HTM-10 or HTM-12? I assume the Titans would be overkill, but what do you think?
  7. I agree the Titans would be overkill. If you have the room and don't mind the extra cost I would go for the HTM-12's so you aren't second guessing your decision. But you are trying to stick to a budget I am sure the HTM-10's would be more then adequate for a room that size and there isn't a huge jump in sound between those two models.
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  8. I was leaning towards the HTM-12, so thanks for confirming. Planning to have a 14" deep false wall, so yes, I'll have the room.
  9. Matt, assuming the HTM-12 is placed in its normal position (waveguide over woofer), how many degrees above and below the waveguide would you say you can move vertically and still be near optimal?
    Thanks for your help!
  10. It should be more then 15 degrees above/below without much change to the response or sound; slightly better coverage below then above.

    If two rows of seating are involved I recommend placing speaker so that the ear level at the rear row is even with the top of the cabinet and if there are three rows the speaker should be placed so that ear level at the middle row end up between the bottom of the waveguide and the top of the woofer.
  11. Thanks Matt. This helps!

    I have a couple more questions if you don’t mind.
    1- did you take the response measurements early in this thread in a full baffle wall or were they free standing?
    2- you mentioned that you added a little BSC. What frequency does it begin?
    The reason I ask is that I plan to build a partial baffle wall or baffle plate around each HTM-12 approximately 38 inches wide. From your plots it looks like BSC might kick in around 175hz which could make this setup a good compromise between a full baffle wall and free standing on stands.
    Thanks again for this great design and all of your help.
  12. "... any news on the HTM-8?"
    Well with Christmas coming up these would be a perfect holiday gift and time to get them done while off work....
    So I'm asking Santa to help Erich get them listed on new website so I can order 2 pair, and promise I will write-up a review asap.
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  13. The on axis HTM-10 and HTM-12 measurements are in a baffle wall, the HTM-6 is not.

    BSC begins around 200hz for the HTM-10 and HTM-12.
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