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  1. Hello, I just finished my 1099 mains and played an AVR test tone through both speakers as I wanted to level match them, I notice right away that the right speaker didn't sound right with the test tone (pink noise) compared to the left. The noise was slightly dull and not that crisp static sound from WG/CD. When I tried level matching the left speaker was 3dB louder than the right. So I did some close mic tests with the pink noise about with mic about 7-8" from the center of the WG for both speakers. The left speaker (tweeter) was 3 dB louder than the right with the same AVR trim level.

    I took the mids and WG out and made sure all connections from XO were indeed wired correctly from the board and to the right terminals (tabs) on all three drivers. I initially made sure the woofers were wired in phase with the battery test before I did anything and they were. I then decided to do the same close mic tests with the mids of both speakers. I placed the mic 7" from the center of both mids on each speaker and ran the AVR pink noise again for each of these configurations and both speakers were within 1 dB of each other. This tells me that the tweeter is the culprit. The right just sounded different (dull) compared to the left tweeter. I have yet to listen to any music as this concerns me, especially the 3dB difference at both the MLP and the close mic measurements.

    The stuffing is the same on both mid chambers, I even tried removing some from the right speaker and it made no difference. Any thought here guys, I would really appreciate any help. Could the CD be bad. I haven't installed the drivers in my center yet, do you reco that I swap out the CD with the one I have for the center? Thank you.

    Cheers Jeffrey

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