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Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Chad Cormack, May 26, 2021.

  1. I cannot get a response from @Erich H through e-mail or phone on the order I placed 3 weeks ago. I've checked my spam and no e-mails are there either. Any idea what's going on?
  2. You bought a single ( while///when the minimum order is 2 >< as clearly stated on that web-page ).

    ( Obviously ) a pair ( or more ) is not available at this time ( as per the messages posted by Erich and the web-page availability order box ).

    Erich has also posted that he will not answer the countless emails that he gets regarding availability of products ( while he ponders his re-organisation and goes about his actual day-job ).

    Your so-called "purchase" under the above circumstances ( from my perspective ) amounts to nothing more than an indication of expressed interest.

    This indication of expressed interest does not entitle you to direct communications with Erich when he has made clear that he's not interested in repeating the same "supply chain problems" over and over ( ad nauseum ) and how those problems dictate availability .

    Shop elsewhere if this is all too much to accept.

  3. @EarlK - thank you for your response. Erich did e-mail me back a few days ago and refunded my purchase of the singular speaker.

    I sense that I have upset you or possible Erich in some way, and not knowing your personally, I do apologize if you feel that I've wronged you in some way. I was simply trying to buy some speakers, and understand if/how long my payment would be locked up.

    I do see that a minimum order of 2 is required. I also see several places on the website where directions are given to "contact me" for various situations outside of what's listed on the website. I don't feel like it's my responsibility as a customer to scour internet forum posts (which I did after 3+ weeks of non-response after my $ was collected) to understand that I'm not entitled to questions about an order. It seems rather simple to restrict singular speaker purchases on the website if it's such an enormous inconvenience to ship them individually, or much less, to respond to e-mails about singular purchases.

    I can admit that perhaps I shouldn't have attempted to purchase a singular speaker even though it was available for purchase. I would have been willing to purchase 4 speakers in advance had there been a simple response to my order or various e-mails. In my opinion, some level of customer service should be expected if items are shown as available for purchase, regardless of how many day jobs people have. A business is a business.

    In any event, I apologize for any problems I have caused. I ordered and built 3 HT-12's a year ago and LOVE them. Hopefully supply chains will catch up and these issues will go away for all involved.

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  4. Chad,

    As mentioned in the email, you ordered a single Volt-10 kit but in the message box during check out you wrote that you'd really like a total of 4 kits. I was waiting to get more parts for the Volt-10 (custom inductors) so I could try to get you all 4 that you wanted at the same time because two kits ship in one package. You contacted me 3 weeks later and asked for a refund on the single kit.

    You only sent me one email after ordering which asked for a refund on the single kit, which I did promptly. I didn't receive any other emails from you prior to that or I would have replied.

    It is very difficult trying to track orders like that and I do get quite a few. So don't worry, you're not the only one. I've gotten orders for flat packs that are in stock and in the message box the customer says "I don't want this subwoofer flat pack, I really want the S2000 kits, thanks." I got an order for SEOS-8's a couple weeks ago and in the message box the guy wanted "SEOS-6 instead or cancel this order." Well there's no such thing as a SEOS-6, so I had to cancel the order.

    The problem with orders like that is that the shopping cart program takes whatever they ordered out of inventory and when I cancel it doesn't put them back in inventory so over time things can get really messed up.

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