Ordering Kits without Drivers a Possibility?

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  1. Hello All!

    I have 6 deltalite II leftover from a different project.

    I'm excited about the HTM-10 build and wondered if there is any chance of them selling kits without drivers?

    I've sent a message to the 'contact us' tab a few days ago and hadn't heard back yet.

    Just thought I'd check out the community and see what you all think.

    Looking at potentially building a 7.1.2 Atmos system with 9 HTM-10s as the boxes. Not quite sure what route I will take for the 2 subs I want to build. I like folded horns for sub frequencies.
  2. Accept your lumps like a man ( admit that you can't design or execute as well as DIYSG ), then sell your 2510's and then buy DIYSG kit ( brit-talk ) .

    Consider the @ $150 - $200.00. net loss a life lesson ( & a drop in the bucket compared to what you'll gain by buying designs that actually work ) .

  3. I don't understand your condescending message at all.

    Do they sell kits without drivers or not?

    I suppose I could have asked about t/s parameters too.. maybe you are alluding that my driver is incompatible?
  4. DIYSG selling policies are quite clearly articulated within the product description for each kit made available for sale.

    I assumed that you knew all this before posting and therefore were organizing a challenge to those policies.

    My response was a broad-based push-back ( challenge ) to what I viewed as an attempt to foment support for a change in DIYSG policies.

    My apologies if I misinterpreted your intentions.

    regards <> EarlK
  5. I feel like I scanned over the FAQ and product page pretty thoroughly.. I realize the intent here doesn't cover a high profit margin and that is precisely why I was reaching out. I thought that a kit minus the 10" driver may actually be easier for the seller to sell.. and hell if I had an open line of communication I'd even be willing to pay a little extra. I guess if they are highly organized then they have pre configured kits waiting on shelves and a displacement in parts would throw off inventory flow.. That is all I'm trying to figure out. Does the scale of operation allow them to help me (and potentially them too) out?

    FYI I am obviously not a designer.. these drivers are leftover from a Bill FitzMaurice dr250 idea I had for a PA system. I ended up building 4 Jack10s and 4 Tuba60s. That rig is installed in a dance club in Kansas City pumping along just fine so I've decided I don't necessarily need to "upgrade" to the dr250.

    I also assumed my drivers have little resale value... Maybe I'm wrong? Can you point in the direction of a market where I could sell all 6 at only a $200 loss? I'd happily do that and put my money towards the HTM-10. I just assume a 50% net loss if I go Craigslist/eBay.. hence the tremendous value in trying to just use them!

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    Here are a few thoughts ( & suggestions );

    If all 6 of your 2510 DeltaLites are (essentially) NIB, offer them to Erich at a price he can't refuse / then get on the DIYSG train when you're able to ( & as I first mentioned, accept your loses as an admitted non-designer ).

    / or / Offer Erich a $80.00 premium ( on-top-of the regular HTM-10 kit price, for a pair ) to waive ( for this one instance ) his standard ( no exemptions, no substitutions ) policy ( & then don't tell anyone about your good fortune if he accepts ) .

    IME, Craiglist sales always attract the low-ballers.
    - EBay is better, but their fees are such that they simply claw-back the gains ( of their higher resale valuations ) for a marginal net benefit.

    BTW, if I was US based, I'd consider buying those 2510's ( since I have a spring project for all of them ).

    Another option is to hire someone US based ( & local ) to design a custom network for you ( using the SEOS-12 & a CD driver of your choice, paired with your 2510 woofers ).
    - As I see it, you have a $200. "design-only" budget ( which is pretty respectable ).
    - The Parts-Express, tech-talk forum ( the home of most PCD users ) would be the best forum ( IME ) to solicit that sort of custom design work.

    BTW, the DeltaLite 2510 Woofer is currently pretty well regarded by many ( HiFi types ) who monitor Troels Gravesen's Designs on his web-site ( that's simply another supporting reason that DIYSG is finally using this woofer / after Zilch first suggested it's use in his Delite 10 & Delite 10e Econowave variants back in 2010 ).

    Check-out "academia50's"DTQWTii from Argentina as an example of one such HiFi enthusiast .


  7. You can find some of Erich's fine flat packs for sale individually at Parts-express.

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