Port lengths for HTM-12 & HT-12

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    Hi everyone. I have some questions about port length.
    I found this:

    HTM-12 - 3" (tuning ~45hz) *On new 2020 design use ports at full length without cutting. How long is “full” length??

    Also, Could someone tell me the port length for the HT-12? I found the HT-10, but not 12.

  2. If you have the ports with the flare on the inside they do not need to be cut (not sure if they ship with these yet).

    If you have the ports without the flare they should be cut to 3" for the HT-12, or 4" for the new HTM-12.

    HTM-12 Ports.jpg
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    Does anyone know if the HT12 design changed between this post and February 2022? I purchased some HT12s then and the instructions had a handwritten note saying to cut the ports to 6 inches. It came with the ports with only one flared side (like the left one in the image above).

  4. Use the above instructions, so cut to 3" of you have the port on the left.

    But if you're using a subwoofer and crossing over around 80hz it won't really make too much difference there so it's not much to stress over.

    Future reference for anyone else viewing this thread, the kits for the updated HT-12 with the Celestion woofer (Original kits used an Eminence woofer) should now include ports that look like the one on the right but a little shorter and do not need to be cut.

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