Ported 893 towers with tweet on TOP

Discussion in 'DIY Speakers and Subwoofers' started by scary, May 3, 2017.

  1. I finally decided to quit talking about it, and pull the trigger. I'll build 70 liter cabs tuned to 39 Hz. My hi tech approach to getting the tweet on top will be to saw off the top woofer, and graft it to the baffle below the other woofer. I'll also have to extend the baffle, to a length of 38". "Crude, but effective" I'll veneer with cherry and build some grill covers. It will be an interesting project because I've never built a Frankenstein baffle, and I'll be trying out Heat Lock veneer glue for the first time.

    I need some advice on location of the 3.75" flared port: I would like to put it in the back at the bottom of the cabinet, but since the speaker will be only about 6" out from the wall, I wonder if it be better to locate it at the front? Remember, I'm planning to use grill covers. I don't know how much the grill cloth would affect port tuning. Or I could end the grill cover at the bottom woofer and leave the port exposed.. Lots of choices. Opinions, please.

    I'll try to keep the build thread up to date, once the parts arrive, and I get started.
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  2. BTW if you want crossover PCBs hit me up. I have some more left.
  3. I hope I can get my veneer to look that good.. My cabinets will be similar, but shorter and deeper.
    I still have the PCBs I got from you, so all set there.
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  4. Haha.That's right. It has been a while I have forgotten you bought some boards from me.
  5. Sweet. I look forward to your build. I'll be starting the same build, after I finish my current project.

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