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  1. Considering purchasing a powered sub from one of the box stores. time is limited and diy sub may not be an option. can either of these work for me? HTM 10's and 893 (see space pic) Maybe someone can convince me to build one (my receiver Onkyo nr686 not able to power a sub)

    Thank You

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  2. Hey dude,
    what is your budget ?
  3. Hi Nolan,

    Glad to have you back....hope Santa was kind to you this year. I got tired of researching Subs and purchased the BIC f12 which should be here on Thursday. Also, please see my post on assistance in choosing surround speakers to match the HTM 10's and 893. i have a distance issue but at the same time I am seriously considering placing on ceiling. My onkyo 686 is capable of 7.2 and i pre-wired my build for 9.4 which allows a few options.

    Thanks again.
  4. That distance is crazy far away man need to do something about that.... can you use speaker mounts and put them closer to your seating area? drop the wire down out of the ceiling and use speaker mounts on the ceiling as well

    did you only buy 1 F12 ?
  5. I replied to this in my build.....I was getting desperate when you didn't answer for a few days :)


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