Pre-Assembled HO Sub Kits, Home Run DIYSG!

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  1. I cant thank Erich and his team enough for pursuing High Output Sub designs. The proposed models for Dec ‘17 look amazing and spot on! Using SI (and other similar) High Output High Excursion Drivers with these brings ID type performance to our humble group. Combine these top notch cabs with the best driver designs out there, custom DSP contour, limiter, and LF gain, and the best Low Freq sub amps- Speakerpower- You’ve just changed the game! Fully understanding these boxes are complex, and need a pro to assemble them right, I’d still say offer the flat packs for some of our advanced DIY folks though.

    Can’t wait for that Ported 18” w/ the HST! That box will play with the big ID boys and even surpass them. My plan is 2 of those, eventually 4, and 4 Stonehenge’s for my SIHT V1s for behind the seating. I’d personally deliver that beast to Data-Bass for testing and comparison.

    Thanks Erich and team. This is a great Christmas gift for us loyal DIYSG folks!
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