Project NEXUS... A timbre matched family of Hi-Fi/HT speakers

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  1. I believe the speaker Erich is speaking of is the newly revamped 88-special and these two designs are very different animals.

    The new 88-Special is nearly 10dB more sensitive then the Nexus Center and also has greater power handling so it is a far more dynamic speaker and can play at output levels well in excess of what the Nexus center is capable of.

    It does have a more narrow dispersion and while this can improve intelligibility the sound-stage will tend to be more focused and less spacious then the wider dispersion dome tweeter on the Nexus.

    The weaknesses of the new 88-special will be much more limited bass extension and a slightly more uneven frequency response.

    Overall it's far more suited to home theater use when you need to fill a large room without strain even on normal AVR power.

    I should note that the 88-special is a much taller speaker if that is an issue (this is the original version but the cabinet is the same):
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  2. Hi Matt,

    Is there a thread that I could learn more about the 88-special? I've mined around on here for about a month and have found references to it but nothing in the way of dimensions et al. Is there enough to embark on this as a pure DIY, did you create a unique crossover board for this?

    Thank you,
  3. I think I have settled on a short throw projector for my application and am trying to get a grip on the real estate involved and can I make this work with the projector.

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