Project NEXUS... A timbre matched family of Hi-Fi/HT speakers

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  3. Hi. First of all, awesome speakers! I have almost finished constructing two towers and the center channel. I dry fit them together and put the drivers in because I just couldn't wait, and I have never heard speakers that sound so good. There is a few questions I have before I complete the construction. First, do you recommend stuffing or dampening the speaker? If so, with what materials? I have both fiberglass insulation and polyester stuffing on hand if you do recommend one of those. Second, do you have the detailed measurements for these speakers like you do for the others? Lastly, when you say "middle length cut to 5.5" do you mean the straight piece of PVC tube? I'm assuming you do, but I just want to be sure. Once again, thank you. They sound so great and I can't wait until they are fully built and ready for use.
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    The center channel can be stuffed with either the poly or fiberglass since it is sealed, as can the midrange chambers of both designs the woofer chamber of the towers should be lined rather then stuffed as you want a clear path from the woofers to the port. You can use the poly or fiberglass there as well if you keep if behind a thin breathable fabric on the walls of the enclosure. The area behind the midrange chamber can be lightly filled up with stuffing. Generally I would use poly there as it won't shed fibers which can then blow out the port like the fiberglass will.

    I don't have detailed measurements of the Towers yet as I have yet to get one up onto my turntable, it would be quite a feat to get one 10' into the air.

    Yes the middle straight section of the port tube should be cut the 5.5" long.
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