Project NEXUS... A timbre matched family of Hi-Fi/HT speakers

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  1. In this post, it states that the woofers in the MTM are wired in series. In the xover schematic it appears to be wired in parallel. Series would be positive into woofer one and negative from woofer one into positive of woofer two and then minus from woofer two back to ground. Correct?
  2. Yeah that reply was referring to a earlier version of the crossover when I had the woofers wired in series. I have them wired in parallel on the current/latest crossover design which makes it a 4 ohm nominal design. Everything still holds true about that statement besides the AVR running cooler.

    In parallel you see roughly a 6dB gain in sensitivity compared to the series crossover design because it is able to extract more current/power from the amplifier. Most amplifiers and AVRs are capable of driving a 4 ohm load which is why I decided to go with parallel wiring and gain that extra 6dB in output.

    Now because of the extra sensitivity of the 4 ohm parallel MTM design it will not draw any more current then the 8 ohm TM design when both are played back at the same volume level. Which means an amplifier or AVR won't run any hotter powering the 4 ohm MTM vs the 8 ohm TM (again at the same volume levels).
  3. I have seen discussions that are intriguing about an older speaker that I think you designed . The Fusion 6. Are parts and design still available for that speaker?

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