Project NEXUS... A timbre matched family of Hi-Fi/HT speakers

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  1. Thanks for those charts!

    If anyone is interested, I have made same Sketchup designs for the Nexus WTMW Center, WTMW L&R and the TM On Wall/Atmos. If Matt it's OK with it, I can leave the links here so that anyone can use them and make any modifications if needed.

    I am building my wtmw center (I already contacted you for the PCB) and converting my TM to TM Atmos.OW.JPGwtmw center.JPG
    wtmw lr.JPG

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  2. Is there a TM Atmos design available?
  3. If you want to make one really compact for atmos use you could build it at the same 7" x 10" baffle size but make it sealed and only 5" deep. This will give ~100hz extension. You could also stick one of these ports in cut to about 5" long, it will have to go in the top/bottom or sides. That will tune it to around 65-70hz and give an f3 around 75hz which should make an 80hz crossover usable.
  4. The Nexus TM shallow design I made is tuned around 65hz (3,9 liters internal volume) and it's (W)178mm x (H) 320mm x (D) 125mm... maybe I can make it sealed and a little shorter, but thought to keep it with a tuning as close as possible to the original design. Do you see and inconvenient with it?
  5. Your design will certainly work well.

    I just figured keeping size to a minimum would be one of the main goals for an atmos speaker which is what I did for the above cabinet recommendation. It's pretty much the smallest cabinet I'd use that woofer in.
  6. Sounds good. Should I be concerned with the BSC mounting them directly to the ceiling?

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