Recommend DIYSG kit for high sensitivity/small room

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by rongon, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. I've stumbled around, not sure of what it is I want in a speaker, but I think I have a good grip on it now. What I'd like is:
    1. An accurate speaker for music playback. Video/movies purely secondary for me. I listen to a lot of acoustic jazz, classical music, but like to rock out a little once in a while. That said, super-high SPL is not necessary for me.
    2. Bass response does not have to go that low. It's basically wasted in my room. I live in an apartment, so all low bass just goes to my neighbors. I think -3dB at 60Hz will be plenty.
    3. High efficiency/sensitivity, which to me means anything above 90dB/1W/1m. Max SPLs in my room will rarely if ever go higher than about 95dB peak. (I'd get myself evicted if I cranked them much beyond that.)
    4. Size unimportant. Tower, floorstander, large bookshelf, it's all good. I can make room. Small is good too.
    5. Here's the tough part - Easy impedance curve to drive. Yes, I run a weenie little tube amp (6 watts per channel, but am working on a 20 wpc 'beast').
    I have a collection of speakers I'm going to sell off, and then try to settle on a pair of 'keepers.' I'd just like something like a Klipsch Heresy that doesn't sound like honky horns.

    I was able to borrow a pair of QSC K10 speakers to try in my living room. Great, great sounding speaker except for that slight solid-state 'hardness' to the trebles. Actually, I could get a pair of those and probably be a happy camper. But I like my tube amp and would like to keep it running.

    So there you have it. Any recommendations for me?

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