Recommended Speaker Wire Gauge to AVR?

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by adamsmith, Nov 18, 2020.

  1. What's the recommended speaker wire gauge for running between HT10's and an AVR? I've read all sorts of opinions but I'd prefer if @Matt Grant would answer since he designed the bad boys :)
  2. What will be the approximate length of the speaker wire to each speaker as I know that plays into it.
  3. The recommended gauge it's dependant upon the nominal ohms of the speaker and how long is a run it is. Just Google for "speaker wire gauge chart" and go from there.
  4. Up to 30' - 16 awg.
    30-50' - 14 awg.
    >50' - 12 awg.

    You could liekly stretch those figure a little as well and of course it doesn't hurt anything (except your wallet) going larger then needed. But I'd normally never use more then 12 gauge for main speaker runs unless they were crazy long or were some kind of monster speaker. In my system where the AVR and amps are at the rear I have 16 gauge going to the surrounds and 12 to the LCR. I used 12 to the LCR because I bought a 250' roll of 12/2 CL2 and it was easy to use it for both the LCR and the subs.
  5. Thanks Matt! Definitely running under 30ft so ordered some 16awg

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