Rough idea for SEOS 12 in a TV sound bar

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  1. Friend wants me to build a sound bar for an apartment. No true sub woofer, too much for neighbors. Wants great clear sound with some bass.
    His TV sits on a credenza thingy about 4 feet long. Tv is about 42" wide. Not much room in his place for speakers on stands.

    This pedestal-style sound bar design would have the TV sit on top of the flat down firing woofer.
    [SIZE=small]Like this type: [/SIZE]

    Since SEOS 12 has a great polar response so I thought put them on hinges by mounting the seos to a MDF frame that has a roundover. Or a small mdf open back box for more support. Attached to a flat woofer (firing down, port pointing forward) box and let him swing the seos to create the right sound and imaging for his listening position, around 6-8 feet away.
    See top view image.

    Xovers probably all 2nd order.
    [SIZE=small]One small 10-20watt stereo amp inside the woofer box for mids and seos. One 50w amp for woofer.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=small]The mid driver and woofer below are ideas that look like they might work well.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=small]1,200hz- 16khz SEOS 12 and Denovo Audio DNA-350 Compression Driver[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=small]150hz - 1,200hz MID DRIVER FaitalPRO 6FE200 6" Professional Midrange Speaker 8 Ohm[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=small]50hz- 150hz WOOFER Dayton Audio PA200-8 [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=small]Anybody have any constructive thoughts about this project? Thank, Bruce[/SIZE]

    (One other option to save him some money was to use the EOS8 with DNA 150 with a xover around 2khz. Still mounted on MDF with roundovers and hinges. MID could be [SIZE=small]FaitalPRO 4FE35 4" [/SIZE][/size][SIZE=small][/SIZE] or similar)

    [/size][SIZE=small]Top view. TV would sit on the 18 x 18 sub box.[/SIZE][SIZE=small]

    [/SIZE][SIZE=small]Front view.[/SIZE][SIZE=small]
  2. Hi Bruce,

    Seems like that might work. Crossover for that might take some work, though, (three-way) and will require measurements to get right.
  3. Crossover is going to be hard, I'm learning PCD7.

    The project has changed somewhat. Since I only got one response here, I posted the same thing on DIYaudio

    AllenB made a good comment about having the 6" mid match the size of the waveguide width. Like I did with my main speakers 10" OS wave guide to 10" driver.
    So I think using the EOS-8 with DNA 150 will make a better transition from the 6" driver to the kinda 6" EOS-8.

    Overall: 44"w x 8.5"h x 22"d
    It might look like this with a grill cloth cover:
  4. Now its gotten smaller again.
    Using the EOS 6 and DNA 150
    Mid is Dayton Audio PA130-8 5" Full Range PA Driver
    Sub is [/size]Dayton Audio SD215A-88 8" DVC Subwoofer

    Xover for mid and eos6 will be around 2300hz. Wavelength is 5.9" which should be a good transition from 5" mid to 6.5"x5.25" eos6.

    Size is 31"w x 6.3"h x 16"d. I'm building it now.
    Enclosure for Mid will rolloff the low end around 150hz
    Sub enclosure is 1cu/ft with a 2" x 11" port should go down to 35-40hz.

    Using [/size]4x100W @ 4 Ohm TK2050 Class-T Digital Audio Amplifier Board and 24vdc 12A power supply.
    It gives around 30 low distortion watts. 100 watts is at 10% distortion. I will lower the mid and eos6 levels at the amp input to match sub.

  5. This will be really slick! Looking forward to seeing it come together.
    Maybe it's time to dump my separates w/compromised 5.1 setup in my "layout-compromised" family room for this solution.
    Will you be sharing a build thread ?
  6. Another question;
    So with built-in amplification; you will still be able to get a phantom center ?
  7. I might post some build pictures, but I am not very good at building. Lots of fill putty is being used! It'll have a semi matte black finish.

    No phantom center channel, just simple stereo.

    The biggest challenge will be getting the xover right. I dont have ZMA files for the sub and mid to use PCD.
    I'll be using HolmImpulse for FR.
  8. "No phantom center - just stereo"

    So a nice & simple connection directly from the L/R audio outputs of any flat panel display.
    In other words for best possible TV audio without having to use any other external components.
  9. There will be analog inputs, a D to A converter that's 5.1 compatible, maybe a Gefen, and 3.5mm input for iPhone.

    Did I mention lots of putty?
    Still a long ways to go.
  10. Hey you're off to a great start - Looking good.

    As for putty - A necessary step if (I assume) you had to "freehand" route the openings for the waveguides. No one will ever know when it is finished!
  11. Bruce,

    Any more updates or new progress?
  12. You have my interest. This looks like it might be perfect for a Christmas present I'd like to make for someone this year. I doubt it'll be ready in time for that but I'm sure the occasion where this would be the perfect sort of thing to make will rise again.

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