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    General Information:
    The S2000 MT speaker kit is a high performance two-way design that fits a wide variety of uses. When your limited on space but don't want to be limited on sound quality, this is the speaker line most recommended. The S2000 kit features a Denovo Audio 4.5" cast frame woofer that utilizes a light weight carbon fiber cone and a 1" Wavecor tweeter for a smooth balanced sound.

    Designer Notes from Paul C:
    I kind of wanted to name the speaker series after the Honda S2000. It just reminds of them in the way that they are small and high-tech looking, and really open up when you push them hard. I’m enjoying these woofers. Even though they model similarly to several other woofers, for some reason they seem to dig deeper. They're going to sound amazing. Even as a bookshelf, I think people will be pretty surprised by the sound they put out. Although it's a 4 Ohm woofer, I honestly don't think most amps would have trouble driving the finished speaker.

    Great for 2 channel stereo music without the need for a subwoofer.
    Often built for desk top and bedroom speaker set ups.
    Can be used for small home theater systems when you're limited on space.
    Pairs well with 10" - 12" subwoofers when used for home theater.
    Timbre matched to the dual woofer S2000 MTM speaker.

    Parts Included Per Speaker Kit:
    1- Denovo Audio DCF-454 4 ohm 4.5" woofer
    1- Wavecor TW022WA02 tweeter
    1- Telescopic port
    1- Baltic birch front panel
    1- Set of crossover components
    3- #8 black pan head screws for the tweeter
    4- #6 black pan head screws for the woofer
    4- #6 black pan head screws for the port
    2- Quick connect spade terminals for the tweeter

    1- Optional circuit board to install the crossover parts on.
    1- Optional Baltic birch flat pack speaker cabinet.

    Assembly Notes and Suggestions:
    • The port is adjustable so you can do some experimenting on the tuning with the port at 6" long, but the original design used it at 4.75". You want to glue it at the shortest length so that it's about 4.75" long.
    • Test fit the woofer, tweeter, and rear port prior to assembly just to be sure they fit okay.
    • Remember to mark and predrill all screw holes before installing them. I usually use a 7/64" or 1/8" bit for the #8 screws and a 3/32" bit for the #6 screws.
    • When tightening down the screws, always use your free hand to cover and protect the woofer surround directly next to the screw you're installing. If the screwdriver slips, it won't damage your woofer.
    • Very Important: Inductors are the crossover parts that look like small rolls of wire. Notice that the two ends of wire are silver and have been 'tinned' with solder. Those silver parts are what you should be soldering to, so don't cut them off to get to the copper colored portion.
    • Wiring up the speakers correctly is very important. Be sure that you're wiring positives to positives (or red to red) and negatives to negatives (or black to black).
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    Build Pictures: If you have any pictures or build threads of your S2000 speakers, please email them to me and I'll add them to the gallery below.

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    Common Questions:

    Will these blend okay with the MTM version?

    Yes, they are timbre matched speakers.

    Can these be used on their side?
    They were originally designed to be used upright for the best sound quality, but you can use them on their side if needed.

    Can I order these without a roundover on the front edges? The roundovers are done when they're cut and I'm not able to do any custom work.
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