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  1. Im sorry ahead of time for posting what everyone probably knows already. What will the cost of the SEOS-15 be....... I looked at the preorder, but didnt get the price
  2. Anyone know what the end price will be....... Bueller, anyone...
  3. I believe the pre-order price for the plastic SEOS 15, was $ 35.00, while the SEOS 10 was something like $22.00 .

    I kind of doubt that they're going to be available ( as separate items for purchase ) .


  4. You think they will be filing preorder's and SEOS15 kits ect first...... Seems about right...
  5. What is the expected wait time for pre-ordering SEOS-15s?
  6. I'll suggest it's best to contact Erich for clarification on this matter .

    Also, perhaps you're confusing the usage of the term ( Pre-Order vs Order ) . After-all , the SEOS15 is currently in inventory ( it's just unavailable, excepting as part of a kit ) .

    But, fwiw, I believe that the ( "early-bird" ) people who participated in the original "pre-order" ( for the SEOS 15 or SEOS 10 ) might have waited something like 9 months from project announcement to final delivery ( if they committed near the beginning ) .


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