SEOS12 and AE TD12M design

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  1. If crossing over to subs air speed will be reduced dramatically.
  2. was there ever a flat pack made for these?
  3. We used the 2 cu ft tall flat pack. Some baffles were made, like mine with slots, but you could just use port tubes and it would be easier. I don't know how long or large the port tubes would need to be , but the flat pack works well and easy to put together. I don't know if erich is doing baffles for the TD12M, but you can ask, but not a big deal if you have a router.
  4. Ok cool. I was wanting to use the round ports like the tempest. Im guessing I would have to contact Erich for a blank baffle?

  5. I don't know if Erich is still doing custom baffles or has any of the TD12M baffles that he made, but I would definitely contact him.
  6. ???

    While I can find a couple posts asking about their availability, I cannot find an announcement of TD12M baffles being available anywhere in this thread. I never saw anything on the main DIYSG site either. What gives?
  7. I believe it was mentioned on AVS. Your best bet is to shoot Erich an email.
  8. I am talking with Erich to try to get 4 x custom baffles cut for the TD12M with the 3 port design. I will be using them with the 2 cu ft flatpack. I will be copying the Tempest design but adding the AE TD12M/BMS 4550 combination. Last word from Erich was he is waiting to hear back from the CNC company. If anyone is interested contact Erich and mabey it will be worth his/CNC companies time. I have some pretty high expectations for this specific quality design to be used as my surround/rear speakers with my T12HTs as fronts. The 7 speaker flow should be seamless.
    Chris W
  9. They are not officially released. It's by request only. Availability of the drivers was of concern and therefor a full kit was never offered. So anyone that wants a TD12* baffle must contact Erich, but larger numbers are better I presume for CNC costs.
  10. ok i will email him. im in for two.
  11. Any idea if these baffles are for a specific enclosure volume? Looks like the enclosures for this build range from between .75cf to 1.5cf., some ported and some sealed.
  12. Have you contacted Erich? I know he made them in different sizes or you could just buy a blank baffle with the SEOS cutout and do the woofer.
  13. i think Erich might be backed up on email or something. i have yet to hear back from him from last week
  14. I haven't contacted Erich yet because I still have other build issues to work out, namely, enclosure tuning & volume. I have been slowly amassing parts for the build though, under the assumption that the only step I needed done for me -the wood cutting- would be taken care of.

    If I miss out on the pre-cut baffles it doesn't totally knock the wind out of my sails. I can always try and work out a trade with somebody who can make woofer cutouts for me. Speaking of which, I have some materials being shipped to me so I can fabricate my own .9mH and .1mH air core inductors for the crossovers. The inductors were designed by me to incorporate the series resistance from the schematic into the DCR of the inductor itself, thus cutting down the parts number for the crossover by four resistors.
  15. Hey... Just wanted to be sure that these are 8ohm speakers? I see RobotBunny measured 7.6 ohms a couple pages back.
  16. Common for an 8ohm woofer to measure 7ohms DC. Same with 4ohm woofers commonly measure around 3.5ohms DC.
  17. Anyone built a sealed version yet?
    I have yet to start my build, it's been almost a year. Wow
  18. On AE Facebook page it looks like that might be the direction he is going for a kit version. If I read it correctly it will use the new minidsp with built-in amps and have the option for bass bin on each channel.
  19. I want to try this design.

    Is it designed around a ported 1 cf enclosure with Erich's baffles?

    Could this XO be used in a 2cf enclosure tuned to around 48hz? using same width on baffle and spacing between drivers.
  20. What changes to the XO would be required to add an additional TD12m for an MTM? I will use a 4 cf enclosure tuned to 45hz. These will be for my left and right, the original TM for the center.

    Thanks guys!

    p.s. I listened to Robotbunny's TD12m/SEOS12 and can testify to the amazing work done here. Congrats!
  21. From what I understand, a complete redesign of the crossover would be required to add the second TD12M.
  22. I've heard the TD12M wouldn't be possible, but maybe a TD10 or TD6 would be. You may want to ask the designers of the different TD designs.
  23. Doug, sorry for the late reply. I see you got the same answer from someone else on AVS already as well as some guidance from John @ AE. Here is the link for anyone else who may be interested in this route.
  24. Sorry if this was already answered, but this was the 8 ohm version of the TD12M, right?
  25. Yes

    Bill -

    I have three of these across the front of my setup. I was originally planning on doing surrounds with them too, but the Atmos around the corner I've scratched that and will probably use one of the coaxil's. With that said, I have 2 more TD12M's just hanging out and wondered if there was a way I could incorporate them into my front stage without changing the original crossover? Does this even make sense to try to do? Would it make more sense to sell them or use them in something else? I know I'm asking a lot, but scratching my head and I already have the crossover parts etc.

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