SEOS12 with Designer12 woofer

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  1. Kerry,
    Sorry for the late reply. I'm too busy on the other project. Yes, you're right my speakers are way too big for the application. 2.5cu.ft is about right. What happen is I happen to have the box handy and didn't want to specially make another one to try. If I'm going to build another box. 2.5 vented is the size to go.
    I can cut mind down to 2.9 and most probably I'd do this to try.
    Have fun
  2. I have one question about the crossover. Lately I have been experimenting with auto transformers instead of l-pads on several of my diy projects, and I really think they sound better.
    So my question is would it effect the crossover if you were to remove the l-pad, and put an auto transformer in front of the network for the tweeter.
  3. Hi guys,
    I'm in the planning/infancy stage of my first speaker build, looking to basically emulate this build with BWaslo's crossover. I'm in Australia so somewhat limited in driver options by international shipping prices.
    I've found a domestic reseller for the SEOS-12 and the DS315's but I've got a couple of options for the compression driver. I can get for reasonable prices either the Dayton D250 or the Selenium D220Ti. The Selenium seems slightly better on FR graphs but I've read subjective reports of it sounding a bit tinny due to the titanium cone. As far as I've been able to work out the D250 is a clone of the DE250 much like Erich's CDs, so am I correct in assuming this would be a better fit for BW's crossover? (It's also a bit cheaper).
    A couple of other newb-type questions,
    - is this build designed for front- or flush-mounting? It's hard to tell from photos.
    - i'm going for ported enclosure as I'm not sure whether I'll eventually build accompanying subs or not.. looking at mineral wool for lining as from what I've read it tends to break apart less than fibreglass. When calculating box volume do I need to treat lining as displacement ie reducing the internal dimensions by 1" ?
    - what are the advantages/disadvantages of multiple ports apart from aesthetics (i like the dual port look of albertli's build).

    Thanks in advance for any input, I've been reading as much as I can over the last few weeks but it's a steep learning curve starting from basically zero knowledge.

    Cheers, Yorick
  4. Bill - How does this design compare with your previous SEOS15/DE250/TD15M design?
    I'm also keen to hear about your thoughts on using autotransformers in your speakers.

    yorick - where can the SEOS waveguide and Designer 12" woofer be sourced in Australia?

  5. Aloha Bill. Would like to thank you for sharing your work with us. I have built your Synergy project and am very impressed with it. Now want to try to build Design 12, but instead of Dayton Designer 12 want to use B&C10nw64 (that I have), driver DNA360 and SEOS12wg. What should I change in xover? Thank you. Gavaets.
  6. Ups... My message cut off.
    Aloha Bill. I have built your Synergy project and am very impressed with it. Now want to build the Designer12, but instead of Dayton Design12 woofers want to use B&C10nw64 woofers, DNA360 tweeters and SEOS12wg. What should I change in xover?
    Thank you, Gavaets.
  7. That would require a completely new crossover started from scratch.
  8. Wow. :eek:
    Thank you, Erich.
  9. I am looking at a couple of different designs for a living room stereo/HT build that will be used with a subwoofer. I like the price point of this build using the Dayton driver. What is the best sized cabinet to use for these? I see where 2.5cuft could be a good compromise to get the smoothest response out of the woofer. What size ports should I use for a cabinet this size? Does anyone have any exterior dimensions for the cabinets they built? Are there any tweaks to the original crossover to extract the last bit of performance?

    Sorry for all the questions and thanks for the replies.
  10. Hi there,

    At post #11 Bill says "This was with one of Erich's CDs."

    Just wondering which of Erich's compression drivers is used in this design?

    I assume its really important to match the right driver with the crossover design for this speaker system?

    Appreciate any help with this.

  11. I live in Europe and I think it is to much hassle to order from DIYSG so I have to build it myself with parts from the EU which is no problem, but I'm wondering the same as brookhart995, which port diameter and length should I use? I have a design that is approved by the wife and it's internal volume are ~74L or ~2,6cu ft without waveguide, bracing etc.

    The design will be a look a like to Braun L2, with the top grill cloth a bit lower to fit the SEOS 12 waveguide.

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