SEOS12 with Eminence 12 Pro Woofers

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  1. Thanks Bill,

    Do you think the phase prolems that will occur can be solved on the crossover?
    An other option could be to make an angled baffle but that may interfere with the TQWT loading.
    Any opinions about the box design and bass performance?
  2. Sure the phase problems can be solved, but crossover design requires measurements and a fair bit of playing around with simulations (PCD or similar). Or if you go active, miniDSP lets you adjust the delay to whatever you want, but you'd still need to measure.

    Sorry, no particular ideas on the box. Doubt the angled baffle would be a deal, provided the cross-sectional area (and lengths) was correct.
  3. Im building a Delta 12LFA variant in a sealed 2.25ft3 cab which has an F3 of 80hz and stays pretty safe on excursion.

    Be careful with excursion, i played around with ported and sealed alignments but dont remember seeing that low an F3 without getting into excursion trouble...... Its possible though as i was primarily focused on sealed.

  4. Few questions :
    1) Can one introduce roundovers without impact on crossover (the baffle width is 14.5") .To reduce diffraction.
    2) Is some filling/lining required ?
  5. 1. Yes that should be fine.

    2. Yes something to kill internal reflections.
  6. Any suggestions on amount of filing required. And in this case will both lining as well a filing be required ?
  7. What would be the crossover changes if the baffle width is kept same as the SEOS-12 , i.e 13.2" (instead of current baffle width of 14.5") ?
  8. Hi,

    The picture links in the OP are broken. Is there any chance to get them back?

    I am getting a good deal on the Eminense Delta 12A and I would like to build a pair of these...
  9. I think I have the original schematic saved here, hope it helps those looking for that. Unfortunately I don't have any of the other photos or graphs.
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  10. Thanks!

    Hope DIYSG replenish the stock on SEOS 12 in the near future

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