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  1. Does the site support shipping to Canada yet or will I have to use a forwarding service?

    Don't know if the Volt10 being up on the site a few days ago was for real and there were no shipping options to Canada, or if it was just a mistake on the site and they weren't actually available. If I have to use a forwarding service I'll want to have that in place before they come up again.
  2. I believe you need to use a forwarding service. That is how I got my Vortex-15s very recently.
  3. What service did you use and how much did it add to the cost?
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  4. CrossBorder Pickups. It was about $30 to bring the shipment from NY to one of their local pickup locations near Toronto. Plus the HST on the shipment value of course :eek:
  5. Won't work for me in Sask. Best I've found so far will be over $100 USD extra.
  6. You're in Sask too? Rare to see lol. I'd be curious to know if you find any better options as I'm looking at ordering something like Voretx's or HTM's from DIYSG in the future. Got some used Volts from Alberta so no need to worry about forwarding in that case.
  7. The option I posted above didn't have any depos anywhere near Saskatchewan.

    Another option is

    If you want to do the leg work you can get items shipped to them and then they have carriers they recommend you can work with to get items from them to Saskatchewan. I've used them before to hold items until my parents were coming back from snow birding (3x HTM-12 and 4x Volt 10 LX way back in 2017 that I'll just finally be getting to building in a month or two). I've given up trying to find an option better than that, so I'll just be waiting until late spring and hoping things are in stock then.
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