Single Sticky Thread for ALL KITS both current and Legacy

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by marc seals, Dec 31, 2022.

  1. I have thought about this many times and I think there really needs to be a(or possibly several) sticky threads for every kit ever (if possible) sold.

    For instance I own some HTM 12's (first gen) HTM 8's and HTM 6's and a Fusion Center that now have zero (complete) info listed anywhere on the site that I could find. I recently was looking for the sensitivity rating for several of those mentioned and could find nothing for any of them that had complete specs. I spent 30 minutes looking here and on the web and never found any sensitivity specs for my HTM6's or the Fusion center. Also all the info (that was recently on the site) for the HTM12's is for the new version and not the original.

    All that is needed is a sticky thread with links to the original for sale page with all the build notes and specs or something similar.
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