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  1. Hello, I plan on building the ported Volt 6s for a four speaker on ceiling Atmos configuration, do you reco the slant or regular boxes for this task? I bought ceiling mounts with swivel and angle options, I have 1099s and Volt 8s as surrounds, thanks for your help.

    Cheers Jeffrey
  2. Well unless you need the extra low end extension from the regular ported cabs I would just go with the Atmos flat packs.
    I don't think the angled is what you need considering the mounts you have purchased.
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  3. Thanks for the reply, I just needed confirmation which box to go with, I decided to stay with ported regular box. When you say Atmos flat packs are you referring to the sealed box, I do plan on the ported flat pack, I want to cross over at 80Hz.
  4. Yes the sealed box is very shallow compared to the ported or angled box which makes it less of an eyesore so to speak when placed on the ceiling.
    My personal opinion would be to use the ported. The reason is if you ever need to re-purpose the speaker somewhere else you will have the frequency extension available as opposed to being stuck at 115hz for the low extension.
  5. Thanks again Marc, those are my thoughts as well, I have big speakers and subs and really not concerned about having the bigger ported boxes on my ceiling, it's just me and the missus and she rarely is in my HT or anyone else for that matter.....:)
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