Slot port with router

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  1. Can you use a router to make a slot port? If the portion of the port inside the enclosure has square ends and the baffle has rounded ends will that create a problem? Turbulence of some sort?
  2. I'm not totally sure what you mean by the round ends, but I'd say Ya you can use a router to cut a slot port. If you need it square just use a 1/4" bit and then square it up with a chisel or a small fine tooth saw.
  3. Free hand woodwork with a chisel etc. is way beyond me. I think I am too particular with too little skill. I was thinking a 1" router bit to cut a 1" slot that would start and end with 1" dia rounded ends. But if most of the port is squared would that be a problem? Change of subject. I have done 3 track days on a '95 CBR600F3. What are you riding in your picture?
  4. I see. As long as it's air tight. So not sure how that would work with an inch on the ends. You could use a smaller but and setup two straight edges to keep you an inch wide.

    That was a CBR600rr I belive an '03. I haven't been on a bike since 2006 :( Last bike was a R6. Do you race or just play at the track? I raced but looking back it wasn't worth the effort. Track days would have been all the fun I needed.
  5. I have only done track days. That's cool that you got your racing license. What's your home track? I will look it up online. I live 40 miles away from Laguna Seca but haven't ridden it yet. I have only gone to Thunderhill.

    Another router question. I was watching a chalugadp veneer video and I wonder if you could use a trim router to do a 1/4 in round over on a 4' x 1' baffle without straining it too much? Any suggestions on a model? I have no router experience.
  6. Was Race City in Calgary. Ok track. Nothing like Seca though :eek:

    A trimming router can handle a 1/4" round over I think. Might work hard to do a 1/2" though. Personally I'd probably just go with a little heftier 1-3/4hp unit. Just gives you the 1/2" collet option and a wider base.

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